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CBS Affiliate apologizes for memorializing a cop killer

The RF Angle:

WCIA 3, a Champaign, Illinois-based CBS affiliate, apologized for running a story memorializing a man who killed Champaign police officer Chris Oberheim and wounded another.

“WCIA apologizes for the insensitivities with the story we aired about the family of Darion Lafayette,” said the network. “The situation in its entirety is tragic and it was our intent to provide an opportunity for his family to share their grief with the community. It is still an active investigation and we will continue to provide updates and follow developments as they become available.”

WCIA ran a story talking to the family of an individual who murdered a police officer and wounded another one. In the segment, WCIA included a picture of the cop-killer with angel wings. MORE

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  1. Apparently the propaganda industry believes if you were killed by a cop while committing a crime, including murder, you are automatically an angel.
    Interesting since most of the propaganda tools who read for a profession seem to be godless athiests.

  2. Champaign/Urbana, Illinois (home of socialist UofI) has become a shit hole filled with thieves, drug dealing thugs with no respect for the lives of Police officers or the community.
    Just another democrat enclave, this happens nearly every day in the major and mid-sized democrat cities.


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