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CDC made dozens of basic data errors on COVID, epidemiologists find

JTN: The CDC found itself hoist with its own petard by making 25 basic statistical and numerical errors related to COVID-19, particularly with regard to children, while purporting to expose COVID vaccine misinformation, according to an analysis led by University of California San Francisco epidemiologists.

The preprint, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, documented 20 errors that “exaggerated the severity of the COVID-19 situation” and three that “simultaneously exaggerated and downplayed” severity, while one each was neutral or exaggerated vaccine risks.

More than half were from 2022, but nearly as many were made in the first two months of 2023 as in all of 2021, they found. Several errors were related to the agency’s COVID data tracker, which failed to align with its National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and the CDC corrected at least in part 13 of the 16 errors brought to its attention.

The paper emphasizes how widely CDC errors can spread even if they are later corrected, with YouTube and Spotify linking its website on videos and podcasts that discuss COVID and the wide deference to CDC guidance in schools, businesses and healthcare facilities.

“The errors are damning,” coauthor Vinay Prasad, a former National Institutes of Health fellow, said on Twitter. “Basic counts of dead kids, causes of childhood death. Unacceptable incompetence.” MORE

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  1. Doesn’t everyone at the CDC fail up?
    They recently hired Maine’s Shah Na Na to be second in command and look at his abysmal track record:

  2. I just found out yesterday that a friend who worked at the plant where I retired from died a few months ago. He went in and got a clot-shot booster. He became ill that night and was rushed to the hospital. He died the next morning. He was in good health before he got the shot and still working as an instrument technician at the plant. He was still in his 50’s. Damn Fauci!

  3. Piece of Shit Doctor on CP-24 in Toronto just said that Kids under 12 are no longer recommended to be shot up with poison.
    The lousy Motherfucker flip flops more than Fauci, but he did look pretty with bit of extra blue eye makeup to bring out the sparkle for the cameras as he was telling people to get BOOSTED FFS!

  4. Aaaaannnnndddd … nothing will happen.
    The murderers remain free to murder again.

    No consequences.

    Gee … where have we seen this? Government kills with impunity? Hmmm … Lenin’s then Stalin’s USSR? Mao’s China? Hitler’s Germany? Mussolini’s Italy? Kim’s North Korea? Tojo’s Japan? Hoxha’s Albania? Tito’s Yugoslavia? Mugabe’s Zimbabwe? Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, &c., &c., &c.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Speaking of deliberate errors, recent alert warns parents of newborns NOT to buy any ENFAMIL formula in any form whatsoever. Found out that Mead Johnson distributed the poisoned bacteria-saturated formula 5 MONTHS LATER after discovery and NEVER ALERTED THE FDA OR PUBLIC until way later. There are only 2 types of milk which are safe and that is (non covid vaxxed) breast milk and organic cow’s powder formula. Add another scam is MOCKINGBIRD’ baby strollers which are defective. This company sold them anyway and refuses refunds. Contact state Attorney General and FTC to file a complaint and to initiate refund. DO NOT BUY MOCKINGBIRD INFANT STROLLERS IN ANY FORM NOR ANY OF THEIR OTHER DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS WHICH ARE ALL MADE IN CHINA, INCLUDING THEIR STROLLERS. HEADQUARTERS (TYPICALLY) LOCATED IN NYC.


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