CDC to recommend masks for some vaccinated people in certain situations

I’m sure it’ll just be another 15 days to slow the spread. LOL.

FOX: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to announce Tuesday that some vaccinated individuals resume wearing masks in certain situations to protect against COVID-19, reversing its earlier guidance that only unvaccinated individuals should wear face coverings. 

A federal source confirmed the news to Fox News after reporting from the New York Times.

In May, the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals were not required to wear masks indoors or outdoors, or physically distance, while maintaining that unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks and socially distance. 

At the time, the CDC still recommended that fully vaccinated individuals wear masks while in crowded indoor settings, such as riding public transportation and in hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters. The CDC told Fox News last week it had “no plans” to update its mask use recommendations.

The expected guidance comes as the Biden administration ramps up its warnings about the delta variant of COVID-19, as the strain becomes more prominent in the United States.  more

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  1. They’ve come this week hard on mandates for the vaccine, new masks, threats of lockdowns etc. No doubt this was always the scripted track they’ve had us on but it sure seems like they introduced all this new BS right after Trump’s raging rally on voter fraud and as that is heating up. Instead we have crying performances on the terror of Jan 6h on Capital Hill and this Covid BS. Also covering a disaster at the border, La Joya TX police were called to a fast food place, patrons complaining of unmasked sick illegals coughing all over everything and they found the town is overrun with sick, Covid and other diseases, illegals that are being let loose on the public once they are determined they are sick. But us American citizens will be wearing masks again.

  2. Next time you’re at the doctor’s office and you’re waiting in the lobby, ask them why you have to wear masks but they leave magazines around to read.
    Did they sterilize the clipboards? The pens? The papers you had to write on? Also, why aren’t they wrapping the chairs in plastic? lol

  3. Anonymous – Yep.
    And it won’t stop until an illegal’s advocate sues the government for letting him through the border and becoming ill. That’s how stupid this is.

  4. What a fucking clown show. This country is so done. The social contract is dead with our federal government is shredded.

  5. Hey! That’s what I tell sheeple who ask me why I’ve forgone the mask mandates for the last year…. oh, I was the first! Bwaaahahah.

  6. MJA

    Newsom’s running radio spots to save his worthless tail. “It’s the Trump supporters fault. Trying to circumvent a fair election. The same people that are trying to kill us all by not getting the jab.”
    He’s the only candidate running any advertisements. It’s almost as if they want a fight. He keeps that tone up he’ll probably get one. But the push is on to make Conservatives second class citizens.

  7. Hahahahaha!
    The corporation I work for just relaxed the mask mandate for vaccinated people indoors at all facilities. Now what are they going to do?

  8. I have only worn a mask at tag office and doctor since this shit started, so their mandates don’t mean squat to me. I never stopped living my life, the good thing I can say is maybe this will get the stupid people holed back up into their houses.

  9. Meanwhile…India’s daily cases and deaths plummeted as soon as they started distributing ivermectin to the public. Media response? Crickets….

  10. Were one to self identify as a foreigner fleeing harm….? No doubt some kind of special dispensation would be afforded, unlike the tax paying rubes/slaves of the U.S. Gov.? No need for vaccines nor papers nor responsibility.

  11. Coming to a town near you, The Deta Variant Squad. They’ll be passing out the delta variant with shredding 2 double fock lefty POS really good.
    Oh, have a nice night, could be my last.

  12. @Brad — While I’ve heard the saying “There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This” many times, I’d never seen it reduced to a handy acronym until just now.

    I’m posting this because I figure if I had to look TINVOWOOT up, maybe others didn’t recognize it either.

    BTW, in case it isn’t clear, I *like* handy acronyms including this one even though the sentiment/truth of it truly sucks.

  13. Uncle Al

    Yea with all this good news over AZ’s audit and nothings happening. Same thing with Georgia. I need to see some perp walks. It’s like that old cartoon with two Buzzards perched on a telephone wire and one says to the other “Fuck this waiting for something to die bull shit, let’s go kill something”

  14. Keep them masked, scared and in their homes. Can’t have them get out and hear about election fraud perspectives from anyone but the media. I’ve always felt this was the goal.

  15. “Only the sick governing elites can look you in the eye with a straight face and force experimental injections on you because masks didn’t work while simultaneously forcing masks on you because the injections didn’t work.”

    — Daniel Horowitz

    (My first two attempts at posting this disappeared, so I stripped out the link and the HTML block quote and will try this last time.)

  16. Brad — My excuses are I’m old, don’t move well, for family reasons can’t travel, and live in Florida where elections seem to be pretty well handled. Otherwise, I’m with that buzzard. In other circumstances I’d like to think I would do something, um, newsworthy.

  17. Aaaaaaaaaand one of the biggest skilled nursing facilities in Knoxville just went into total COVID lockdown again

    No one understands why, since lockdowns did nothing to keep anything out or prevent anything from spreading

    What’s worse is now all the skilled nursing and assisted living facility administrators are about to get swept up in Panic 2021. Just when everyone has been reuniting with their loved ones.

  18. Different Tim, along with “masked, scared and in their home”, you forgot “speech censored on social media” – a quadfecta!

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