Celebrity Cruises ignores DeSantis’ act to enforce Florida’s ban on VaxPorts – IOTW Report

Celebrity Cruises ignores DeSantis’ act to enforce Florida’s ban on VaxPorts

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Cruise line requiring vaccination proof dares Florida’s DeSantis to enforce his vaccine passport ban

Florida governor rejects authority of CDC to shut down cruise lines for not conforming to agency guidelines.

Celebrity Cruises is waving off threats by Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis to enforce Florida’s ban on vaccine passports.

A spokesperson for the Royal Caribbean subsidiary told USA Today it will press forward with plans to require proof of vaccination before embarking on its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved maiden voyage June 26 from Fort Lauderdale and its subsequent sailings from Florida through the fall.

It’s the first cruise line to earn the federal agency’s approval under strict new COVID-19 requirements for cruises with paying passengers – requiring 95 percent of crew and passengers to be “fully vaccinated.” 

That requirement violates “the spirit” of the governor’s emergency order protecting “the right to medical privacy” for Floridians, a DeSantis spokesperson said. A bill signed into law by DeSantis, taking effect July 1, also bans vaccine passports. read more

24 Comments on Celebrity Cruises ignores DeSantis’ act to enforce Florida’s ban on VaxPorts

  1. I wonder if DeSantis anticipated this. He’s taking on one segment of Florida’s biggest industry – tourism. My fear is that there will be a “compromise” over this impasse.

  2. “…requiring 95 percent of crew and passengers to be “fully vaccinated.”

    Why not 100%? Because they’ve got no way to enforce even 50% compliance? That reeks of Fauci:

    “…one, two, maybe five years wearing masks…”

    “…40%, 60%, 75%, even 85% to reach herd immunity…”

    It’s all unenforceable bullshit, with numbers being pulled out of experts’ asses. DeSantis knows this and will prevail. Celebrity Mgmt is a bunch of cowards who will bend where their lawyers tell them to bend.

    And if they insist on losing money to competitors, the Nevertrump Conservacruisers can sail their jabs and masks all the way up every fjord in Norway on a Celebrity hospital ship..

  3. Imagine the fun Celebrity will have dealing with bodies when the vaxxed start dropping like flies all over the ship while it’s out at sea.

    When the vaccines’ effects kick in, that’s the end of shuffleboard and dancing on the Promenade Deck. Only Stephen King will profit from the ocean-going disaster.

    Good times!

  4. well before the Scamdemic, cruise ships were constantly in the news for severe virus breakouts aboard ship. Floating bacteria farms.

    They shouldn’t have been called the Love Boat; better to call them the Glove Boat for fear of touching anything aboard.


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