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Chalk Drawings


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  1. Fur, once again brilliantly done. And thanks for the collage of mo drawings. Wondering if these guys were FN Muslim, haven’t heard any news about them at all, as of Monday 7 AM.

  2. Love the chalk as an ‘art medium’, BFH!

    @caroligh, one of the bastards has been identified as Elton Simpson, of Phoenix, who was previously suspected of terrorism.
    “Simpson was well known to the FBI.
    Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa, but a judge ruled the government did not adequately prove he was going to join a terror group there.”

  3. It’s almost sinful how easy that was. Of course, we Texans have had a lot of experience baiting and shooting wild hogs and other vermin.
    ; }

  4. Not like walking into a newspaper office full of unarmed people is it..oh wait, you’re dead and can’t answer. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving couple.

    Very nice image Fur.

  5. @norman: He was probably originally going to try to convert to ‘African’ but was not accepted, so he chose Islam one day while in the depths of a heroin-induced fantasy.

    P.S.: Sir Fur, you are simply brilliant!!!

  6. Someone said two Demoncrap voters down! They never stop voting when dead. In fact, a lot of people convert to Demoncrap voters after death.

  7. LocoBlancoSaltine, I think msm only has one position on something like that: blame the right.
    But I think that’s a great idea. They wouldn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

    @8{¥> (muhammad drinking camel koolade)

  8. If you call Islam violent and a Muslim attacks you, is that because he was offended or because he agreed with you?

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