Al Gore Is Going To Go in a Light Sweater

There are still over 7,000 tickets available to watch the NFC wildcard playoff game between the San Francisco 49’ers and the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.

The weather forecast for game day is for a high of 0 degrees, an overnight low of -18 degrees and a 9 mph wind out of the Northwest.

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  1. Lemme see the Vegas odds on whether NFL postpones the game. Headline – “Game Postponed Due to Lack of Balls.”

    Jan 1 1967 – Dallas V Green Bay – Game time temp 15 below. Wind Chill 50 below.

  2. Speaking of weather…
    have all youse guys in the north-east hunkered down for the storm?

    It looks as if this one could be a doozy.
    Hope you’ve got firewood, food, water and booze…not necessarily in that order.

  3. @Norman – Moved from Maine to AZ 2+ years ago – Not missing it a bit.

    New England winters are worse than Arizona summers 10-fold.

    Maybe we’ll go back next October (best time of year) – missing fried clams and lobstah!

  4. Actually Al Gore will be attending the game as “Man / Pig”. Forget the bear part as he doesn’t need the fur, since there will be another “Global Warming” phenomenon occurring during the game.

  5. @norm einstein:

    Please. The forecast for this storm is only 6-10″ inches. But the New York press is carrying on like it’s 1888. All-news radio station WINS is doing saturation coverage, and it’s driving me nuts. Also, I could do without the endless press conferences featuring the endlessly bloviating Cuomo, de Blasio, and various public safety/emergency management czars.

    Basically, people in this area are pussies when it comes to snow. They would never survive in places like Boston or Minneapolis, where a single blizzard can dump as much snow as NYC gets in a seasnon.

  6. You never lived until you experienced a light snowfall in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Just one of many during the verrrrry long season will cover a two story house.

    People don’t bother to shovel; they tunnel.

  7. @greetings, it’s not just the snow.
    Hell…we can handle that.
    It’s the cold and wind that’ll get ya.
    With wind chill temps predicted to drop to ten below zero, it’s getting serious.

  8. Really, there is no reason to be outside watching anything when it gets that cold.

    Beer doesnt pour well when its frozen.

  9. Couple years ago watched my HS team in the state football finals in Ohio. In the teens that night. That was enough for me. Can’t do that anymore.

  10. @norm einstein:

    Pish. When there is supercold weather to be confronted, you can always count on a menopausal woman to get the job done.

    I consider 55 degrees T-shirt weather, and people who wear down coats to be hopeless pantywaists.

  11. since the NYT has performed so admirably with their reportage of Ben Ghazi, perhaps they’ll get a headstart on the souvenoir edition of the

    Gay quaterblocks of the MFL
    Erin Rogers

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