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Charlie Kirk Trashes RNC Ronna McDaniel

Kirk slammed McDaniel, the RNC chair, after she questioned the legitimacy of TPUSA’s activism.

National File:

Grassroots Conservatives have been criticizing RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel ahead of the upcoming chair election.

After TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk began supporting Harmeet Dhillon in the RNC chair race, Ronna McDaniel started to attack Kirk’s TPUSA group.

Speaking with Fox News last week, McDaniel questioned how many voters did TPUSA actually register and how many young voters truly turned out for the midterms.

“McDaniel took issue with Turning Point USA for pushing Dhillion” because Dhillon has “never ran a state party or campaign.”

Kirk responded to McDaniel’s negative comments about TPUSA on Twitter.

“Ronna, thanks for asking. Turning Point logged more than 500k volunteer hours this election cycle. TPAction directly contacted and engaged over 5 million voters,” Kirk said. “We hosted well over 100 major door knocking events and rallies in target states and districts.” MORE

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  1. Ronna got the job to appease the back stabbing, carpet bagging Senator from Utah. You know, Willard what’s his name, the RINO. McDaniel is no more a republican than Willard or McCarthy.


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