Chicago member of the Latin Kings with Down syndrome charged in two separate murders – IOTW Report

Chicago member of the Latin Kings with Down syndrome charged in two separate murders

A 22-year-old Chicago man with Down syndrome, Nicholas Samudio, has been charged with over a dozen counts of murder related to two slayings as authorities say he was an active member of the violent Latin Kings gang operating under the nickname “Smush.”

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Samudio was first arrested after police chased him down in a Chrysler 300 that was stolen following a fatal shooting on February 26 that saw Tomas Villa of North Lawndale shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity. Villa reportedly was misidentified by his shooters as a member of a rival gang because of a hat he was wearing. more

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  1. I will say as a former mental health/mental disability professional I have know quite a few killers amongst them – some who clearly knew right from wrong and others who coerced into it by money, drugs, social issues, and even fanmily, just like “normals” are.

  2. The left specializes in using the mentality ill and those with mental and physical disabilities to carry out terrorist acts.
    Islamic Jihad and other criminal gangs have doing this for years. Now, a subcategory of the lunatic class, transgenders have been added to the mix.

  3. @ 99th Squad Leader AT 10:58 PM

    That is a consistent pattern that I recognized in the 1960’s. By the age of ten it was apparent to me that the leaders of leftist ideology lacked any sincerity whatsoever. They excelled at identifying, manipulating and exploiting vulnerable populations. Not all who were recruited were victims however, there are a lot whose embrace of evil and wickedness made them a natural fit and they didn’t have to rely on exploitation to bring them in.

    For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why we had fought the Nazis and then were hell bent on allowing the same totalitarian ideology to flourish in America.

  4. JDHasty, agreed. Americans have lost the understanding of the deadly consequences of totalitarianism. For almost 250 years, Americans have experienced the blessings of freedom, yet it’s not enough if the people have no will to maintain their liberties and eventually surrender their autonomy to the State.

    Socialism/Communism indoctrination taught in U.S. schools for 70+ years is the main culprit. Also, years of wealthy progressive elitists obtaining intellectual, financial and military institutions and transforming them into nihilistic strongholds.

    Our Founding Fathers knew this might happen. They tried to ensure if the people realized they were headed towards totalitarianism they could save themselves with the U.S. Constitution.

    It might not be to late, but we’ve got at least three generations unaware America is the greatest nation on Earth, until they lose everything under a communist system they’ve been taught to believe in.


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