Chicago Police Undergoing Special Training in Expectation of Chaos at Democrat National Convention This Summer – IOTW Report

Chicago Police Undergoing Special Training in Expectation of Chaos at Democrat National Convention This Summer


Everyone is expecting the Democrat national Convention this summer in Chicago to be a hot mess.

The Anti-Israel, Hamas supporting loons have made it clear that they are going to be there in full force. The climate change nuts will probably also be there to make themselves heard.

In advance of the event, the city’s police force is undergoing special training. more here

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  1. “Shoot to Kill”
    How much extra training does that require?

    Course, they’re all of the same stripe.
    “A sound and a fury; signifying nothing …”
    “The mountains shook; and gave birth to a mouse.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. A bar of soap and a speed stick is like Kryptonite to the bastards.
    Advertise that there is a pedo/groomer convention in Seattle or portland the same weekend and half of them will have a prior commitment and unable to attend the Chicago event.
    Both can also keep the guests of honor from attending as well, so they aren’t w/o risks.

  3. Follow the instructions laid down by Chicago Democrat Mayor Dailey, and youll be fine.

    “I have conferred with the superintendent of police this morning and I gave him the following instructions, which I thought were instructions on the night of the fifth that were not carried out. I said to him very emphatically and very definitely that [he should issue an order] immediately and under his signature to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand in Chicago because they’re potential murderers, and to issue a police order to shoot to maim or cripple any arsonists and looters–arsonists to kill and looters to maim and detain.”

    Wont have to do it twice..

  4. JDHasty
    THURSDAY, 13 JUNE 2024, 13:39 AT 1:39 PM
    “WTF happened to sending social workers in lieu of the police?”

    …couldnt find enough without a self-preservation instinct, I suppose, Democrats in general and brainpeepers in particular treasure the self above all else, and there aint no Chardonnay in the ‘hood, so nothing else to attract them there, certainly not service to their fellow man…

  5. Nerf clubs? Nerf guns? I think the problem is the leftists in government don’t want to hurt the leftists on the street who are their shock troops but the leftists on the street have decided to hurt the leftists in government… just cuz.
    #8 shot at 50 yards, rain it on them as a warning.
    #6 shot at 40 yards, direct above head level. Some injuries, blinding possible.
    #4 shot at 30 yards, again, direct. Some more injuries and blinding, penetration of light clothing, possible fatalities.
    <30 yards, continue #4 shot with 0 or 00 shot in reserve.

    Of course this is only if you want to stop them from rioting. Use standard techniques if you just want the riots to go on as you have in the recent past.

  6. The only question remaining is how far in advance do I prepare my horse’s ovaries and marinate the flank steak? Well, and make various desserts?

    Hey! What about Antifa and BLM? They should be incensed that they’re not getting any press. Hmmm. Maybe Soros’ money dried up.

  7. Do you know how much the phrase mostly peaceful is one of the biggest oxymorons ever. Mostly peaceful doesn’t exist, it’s either peaceful or it’s not peaceful, there is no most involved except in the perverted minds of the left trying to fool people, which is what they’re best at. I don’t have that problem since I don’t believe any of their bullshit and neither should anyone else.

  8. The CPD should just step aside and let the protestors do whatever they want. The DNC likes that policy when everyone else’s space gets wrecked by “protestors”.

  9. @Claudia: I don’t think the Dems can do a convention on-line without creating a lot of controversy. The only reasons to do a convention on-line is (a) Joe Biden is incapable of being present at a convention; and/or (b) the Dems are worried about … mostly peaceful protests (correction courtesy of Uncle Al). I can’t honestly think of another reason.

    The likely trouble makers are Mayor Brandon Johnson’s peeps; they are folks the Mayor needs to keep happy. This isn’t a Richard Daley situation where Hizzoner really didn’t like hippies and yippies – Johnson is the Chicago Teacher’s Union handpicked mayor, and the CTA is chock full of loony liberal types who have no problem fucking the law-abiding citizens of Chicago for their own profit and fun.

    My guess is that come convention time, we are likely to see some hot lib on lib action.


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