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Chicago Workers Who Refused Covid Vaccines to be Reinstated With Back Pay

Good news!

Daily Clout: I live near Chicago and remember the relentless pressure on Chicago policemen and firemen to get vaccinated against Covid. Watch the former mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, say, “They will be vaccinated,” in this triggering video. (do not open it if you get upset easily). MORE

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  1. …so what compensation do the men and women who took on the added risk of the Sudden Death shot to their ALREADY risky jobs just to KEEP them to feed their families and serve their City get?

    I bet they feel pretty stupid now, having taken a ticking time bomb into themselves for nothing while those who could effectively got a yearslong paid vacation.

    By the way, firefighting, treating patients, and policing are ALL perishable skills. Your ability declines without repitition and practice. And I don’t know about IL, but in OH a year without Continuing Education on the Squad side means you have to go back to “0” and retrain from the beginning to recertify. If that’s the case there, it may be months before those folks are on the streets again, legally anyway.

    And all for illegal coercion for an untested, deadly vaxxxine that the primary purpose of was to steal an election.

    And I suspect the returning members will find the streets MUCH more dangerous, especially the White ones, thanks to Chicago somehow finding a mayor that was EVEN WORSE.

    Good luck out there guys. Pray at the start of every shift.

    Because you’re going to need all the help you can get.

  2. There was never any doubt that the Unions would prevail.
    The Unions are extremely powerful in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. Heavy clout, and they use it forcefully.

  3. I like that, get paid for not injecting your body with poison. They also should get reimbursed if they lost their house, car, and repair the bad credit. Money is good, but being restored 100% is better. Now reimburse ALL of us for standing our ground. Scott Adams, your darling liberal admitted that we were right. That really frosted his balls to say that, after wanting us all nonjabbers forced by taking away our freedoms. His just reward is worrying if he’s going to drop dead and not enjoy his millions. He’s got the fear factor now – ALL OF THEM DO! Bawahahahahaha

  4. Bullshit!

    Justice demands that each and every solitary individual who so much as one time advocated for forcing or coercing anyone to submit to these injections or was in favor of closing down businesses or supported such bullshit as not being to purchase vegetable seeds be stripped of 100% of their assets and that those assets be transferred to anyone who suffered any injury resulting. Not that being compensated monetarily undoes the damage, but it is meant to compensate for it.

    This would also punish and set an example. There is not a single one of these fuckers that is any less culpable than the sonsabitches who were actively implementing this tyranny. Not a Goddamned one of them.

    Then the active implementers should shit in their pants while being hung until dead. This is to ensure they never get an opportunity to repeat this shit and to set an example for anyone else so inclined.

  5. Many people quit or took an early retirement to avoid the mandated vax. I told more than a few to hold your ground and make them fire you; once you leave of your own free will you’ll have no recourse.

  6. And this is why They need to be scared
    Never Forget Who Did What, Forever
    They destroyed millions of lives
    With their Needles and Greed
    And Banker Hearts
    You know Money was at the Root of It All

  7. Believe it was on another thread I mentioned my personal body count is up to four! The last one being last Monday with there being loose ends that will take months to sort out and correct on that one.

    Thank God my daughter and her husband avoided it by the skin of their teeth. No so with my son and his wife. So holding our breath on that one.

    And another friend now with bladder cancer needing it removed and doing chemo.

    The anger and emotion are not good to hold onto, still…

    You want to talk reinstatement or reparations? It cannot be formulated to either side vaxxed or unvaxxed with any fairness calculated. I’m stuck on revenge!

    Round up those that knew what they were doing and execute them. Not settling for financial penalties like the Factor VIII fiasco. My second exposure to our friends in big pharma…

    Difficult expressing oneself on this one.

  8. Question for those that might wish to belabor or dwell on what the real numbers might be. The burning Platform has been beating this drum (and continues) for probably two years now. And the number four that I put above doesn’t even consider questioning a number of other deaths. Many others that I didn’t have the balls to ask the jab status. My number comes from that which I find unable to credit anything else to it.

    Just this small crew here commenting at IOTW tells a sad tale with numbers that continue to grow.

    I say again, the next year will only show more carnage. And setting aside my tinfoil hat, what about the food supply thing they’re talking about now?

    Wondering how much security surrunds Fauci.


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