Chicago’s top cop blames progressive policies for crime wave

Just The News:

Chicago’s police superintendent has said that progressive policies are the cause for the city’s recent spike in crime.

“We are arresting violent offenders, the courts are releasing these people back into the community,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said Monday, blaming progressive soft-on-crime policies, according to The Washington Examiner.

The city has been going through a spike in crime, with 70 people being shot and 12 being killed over the weekend.

Brown said that the city needs toΒ “challenge the courts to render Chicago safe” through “holding offenders in jail longer, not releasing murderers back into our community.” read more

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  1. What happened to Biden’s “strike force” that was supposed to clean up Chicago? Weren’t they supposed to do something better than what Trump offered? lol. The place is a wreck.

  2. Spare me. Another progressive police chief basically blaming his own policies. How long were you in charge, asshole? You and Lightfoot are two birds of a feather.

  3. It’s the guns that are shipped in from neighboring states. One wonder why the neighboring states don’t have the same gun violence problem.

  4. Look at every large democrat run city, everyone of them are progressive Social Justice failures with high crime stats and huge welfare rolls.
    The same large democrat/progressive cities expect all taxpayers to fix the problems they created.

  5. Since he was suicidal anyway he should have gone all out and said it was because the mayor is racist commie dyke!

  6. The Left halped create a whole subculture that glorifies criminality and now the only way to restore domestic tranquility so people can live normal lives is to get ruthless with capital punishment.

  7. ^^^^ the Hodge Twins do a video about this too ^^^^^

    I guess these female cops decided to do what black lives matter wants and just let the kids sort it out for themselves.

    Pathetic shooting techniques on full display.

  8. To keep liberals in control of the population is a political dance to which there are no set rules.

  9. Yes, he will likely be gone soon.
    He’s well aware of it obviously. A decent law enforcement officer just trying to do his job since he started and Beetlejuice just won’t let THAT stand!

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