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Child Marriage In Iran

iran child weddings


I was speaking recently with some Iranians on the ground in Iran when they told me about a recent wedding where a 14-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl got married. They argued that the religious government admires such marriages, and the trend is unfortunately increasing. The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran gave full permission for this marriage. 

As the Iranians were telling me about a recent wedding, I was prepared to offer my congratulations until one of the men mentioned that it was between two young children.

Here are some photos of the marriage:

8 Comments on Child Marriage In Iran

  1. Awww … thas so sweet!

    I guess that’s better than that 58 – 10 wedding over at ISIS.

  2. Got to start early .. They blow up so soon now a days.

  3. Since the “women” or girls have no choice, is it really “marriage”? Sounds like the true rape culture to me. Supported by the left whole heartedly!

  4. Yo! Woody! Get Rage Boy and meet me at the Airport!

    Wooooo Hooooo!

  5. Seems like Sharia law has no problem with little girls wearing a lot of make-up and looking slutty.

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