China: Muslim Camps Are Necessary ‘Education Centers’

Breitbart: A Chinese official dismissed reports of Beijing establishing “political re-education camps” for Uighur Muslims in western Xinjiang province on Thursday, telling reporters that the camps are “vocational centers” necessary to integrate less wealthy citizens into the Chinese economy.

China has faced accusations of repressing the Uighur population, ethnic Turkic peoples who are predominantly Muslim and do not identify with the majority Han population, for years.

Authorities in Xinjiang banned individuals wearing beards or Islamic garb from public transportation in 2014 and have since moved to shut down mosques, ban children from practicing Islam, and impose the Han Mandarin language over the Uighur population.  more here

10 Comments on China: Muslim Camps Are Necessary ‘Education Centers’

  1. This is terrible. I think we should get right on this just as soon as Christians and Jews are welcome in Mecca and the Yazidis are granted their own self-governed territory.

  2. Good for the Chinese!!!! And, oh by the way, check out what they do to muslim terrorists. They execute them on sight.

    Good Plan!

  3. “…“vocational centers” necessary to integrate less wealthy citizens into the Chinese economy….”

    so the first things they do is remove the very persons they are ‘integrating’ into their society. In today”s world, that makes sense. No.
    And what is google’s role in tracking/identifying these ‘individuals?’

    “China installing QR codes on Uyghur Muslim homes as part of mass security crackdown”

    That is horrific. History repeats itself, and here it is again. In the US of A, too. Today.
    demohag is to the nazi’s as google/facebook is to us now.

  4. They crackdown on everyone not just Muzzloids.

    But I see the headline: Brutal China Concentration Camps – Muzzloids Hardest Hit”.

    They crackdown on Christians, people who use VPN, people who have WhatsApp on a phone, people who know people who are or have those things, mocking the govt on the internet, crying in public.

    But yea, the Muzzie terrorists have it rough too.


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