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Chinese Spy Balloon Collected Intelligence from Sensitive Military Sites, Sent Back to China in Real-Time


The Chinese spy balloon that traversed across the continental U.S. before President Joe Biden had it shot down collected intelligence from sensitive military sites, at times doing figure eight formations to hover over certain sites according to a report.

The balloon gathered intelligence from “several” military sites, despite the Biden administration insisting that measures were taken to prevent that from happening, NBC News reported Monday, citing two current senior U.S. officials and one former senior administration official.

According to the report, China was able to control the balloon so it could make multiple passes over some of the sites, including flying figure eight formations, and transmitting intelligence back to China in real time.

That intelligence was mostly electronic signals from weapons systems or communications from base personnel, the officials told NBC News.

“I Think They’re Compromised” — Rep. Tim Burchett on Biden Admin’s China Balloon Debacle. more

10 Comments on Chinese Spy Balloon Collected Intelligence from Sensitive Military Sites, Sent Back to China in Real-Time

  1. Why use a vulnerable balloon? Can’t the CCP buy the information from the Clintons, Obama, and the Bidens? The courts and the CCP owned MSM will always protect them.

  2. A few guests on Fox News (Business) were suggesting that the Balloon was also closely following ALASKAN PIPELINES via their heat signatures and collecting the Frequencies that control their Pumps & Valves which direct Critical Energy into the Lower 48 states.

    Maria Bartiromo and some others

    It Makes a lot Sense.

  3. They honestly don’t need the blimp as long as they have Miley (on record as willing to commit treason and tell the Chinese beforehand if President Trump ordered any troop movements) and Pedo Joe The 10% Pretendident on the payroll.

    Probably just doing it to ensure their slaves weren’t cheating, and ordered Pedo to let them. No honor among thieves and all that…

  4. I read reports like this with a grain of salt. Feels like a distraction. It’s funny how U.S. agencies and media protected China up until a few weeks ago, then wham, now they’re the boogey man. Neither extreme is accurate.

    Meanwhile, NATO just allowed Finland to join. Yeah, let’s just keep poking the bear.

  5. Caroleigh
    AT 8:30 AM
    “I wish to hell somebody would wrap a figure of a eight around Joe Biden send him off on a big balloon”

    I would be content with a single loop on him, wrapped seven times with the bitter end pointing up, attached to the first limb of the nearest tree that is one foot higher than his foul feet can reach the ground from.

    Which is the traditional wage for treason by Democrats.

  6. “No shit, Sherlock.” Everyone with an ounce of brains that isn’t a democrap or RINO could’ve told you that. The chinks are coming, the chinks are coming, yawn, look it’s a squirrel, no biggie. Why haven’t the bastards in our govt. beginning with jokey and General Malarkey (Millie) been tried for treason for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  7. @Jason
    I think things went south between the administration / world cabal and China when China sided with Russia seeing that they are going to be the victors over Ukraine. So now China bad. One thing for sure, there is no truth in the news and whatever they’re saying it’s probably the opposite.


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