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Chip Roy to Media: Go Do Your Job!

Texas Representative Chip Roy went off on Joe Biden’s reckless and dangerous border policy.

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  1. “We’re not going to wait for the turnover in 2022 or 2024 we are going to highlight this…”

    Thanks, Chip. Thanks for the highlighting something we already know. You don’t think there is something a little more proactive you could do besides telling the media to “do it’s job?” Something we know as an absolute matter of fact, will not do. If you know the Democrats want open borders, and you (supposedly) don’t, Why don’t you do something drastic, you know, starting with enforcing the immigration and deportation laws on the books that Texas already has in place!?! Wow, what a concept. Asshole.

  2. …they ARE doing their job.

    …it’s just that their job NOW is being the propaganda arm of the Communist Democrat Party.

    …and they’re doing it very well indeed…


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