Chris Matthews Is Super Confused by Bernie’s Push for Health Care as a Right

Newsbusters—MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews stumbled upon a thing called reason on Thursday night as he expressed stiff reservations over how Bernie Sanders and the far left argue that health care should be made right alongside, say, freedom of speech.

Discussing what concessions Hillary Clinton should make to Sanders in order for him to endorse her and prevent a messy Democratic National Convention, Matthews predicted: “He’s not going to get all this social stuff that he wants. If Hillary gives him the social stuff he wants like $15 and she gives him health — what do you call it? Medi — Social Security benefits way beyond what people are paying into it and turns it into a welfare program or you know life health care as a right.”

With that thought, the liberal host stopped dead in his own tracks to express his befuddlement at health care becoming a right:

I’m not sure what that means exactly by the way as a right. You force people to go to medical school or nursing school and administer hospitals because you have to do it because we made this commitment. I mean, how does that actually physically work? That right thing.  MORE

8 Comments on Chris Matthews Is Super Confused by Bernie’s Push for Health Care as a Right

  1. For some reason health care doesn’t give him a tingling feeling in his leg if it isn’t obama presenting it. I think liberalism is rotting Chrissy’s grey matter.

  2. Decades of leftist muck starting to break off his brain so a rational thought could finally emerge….

    Welcome to reality little fuzzy chickadee. Keep pecking – you’ll break out of your stupidity if you try.

  3. Don’t think it takes much to confuse ol Chrissie …

    Toast confuses him.
    Hell, rocks confuse him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. From Tsunami: “Rights come from God, Chris – not man.”

    For some long time I told people you have the rights you are willing to die for. Today, I’ve had to rephrase. You have the rights you’re willing to kill for. I didn’t ‘flip flop’ on this. It became apparent after long reflection and study of our shared experiences on this planet. It was a painful learning process.

    If I believe I have ‘rights’ granted by the Almighty, how am I to treat such gifts? Should I offer up my mortal self to men to kill if I exercise that right?

    Or should I take up the metaphorical “jawbone of an ass” and lay waste to those men who would seek to deprive me of what was provided me by the Lord? Can I allow mortal men to attempt to deprive me of my gift?

    This goes way past Sunday School lessons.

  5. Whoa. Chris gets one. He has this exactly correct. Health care along with food, shelter, etc. are at the most basic, commodities – consumer goods. They must be supplied by *somebody*. If you make them a right that means those somebodies *must* supply them to you whether they like it or not. People who work at the pleasure of those who consume whether they like it or nt have a name. Slaves. Not that the Progs don’t know this.

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