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Christie: I Won’t Take Trump Interrupting Me During Debate

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TheLid- Hugh Hewitt spent some time Friday evening conducting a wide-ranging interview with New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show. The interview started with a discussion of Cristie’s time as a prosecutor, and how he would treat Hillary Clinton’s reluctance to turn over the emails from her private server. Eventually the subject turned to politics and the first GOP debate on Thursday.

Hewitt: So what happens when the Donald goes long or interrupts you? I actually kind of think that might be like Godzilla and Mothra, but…

Christie: (laughing) Well listen, you know, if Donald tries to interrupt me, I can guarantee you that that’s not something I take from a reporter in the gaggle, and it won’t be anything I’ll take from somebody who’s standing on that stage as a colleague and a competitor.

Gee I hadn’t thought of that.  No matter who one supports that will be fun to watch.


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  1. After Trump finishes with you, you’ll be shutting yourself up.

    Now, go have another box of Krispy Creme’s.

  2. It’s unbelievable that this fat fuck is in and Carly and Jindal aren’t going to be on stage. I could give a rat’s ass about anything this turd spews. He’s proven himself to be a total tool.

  3. By on the plus side, the new Kevlar-polyester-spandex blend baseball pants passed the “torture test”.

  4. If Big Boy was President the kids would be happy. School lunches would be all you can eat buffets, 40 oz sodas and an ice cream bar.

  5. It’s nice to see Rosie O’Donnell reprise her role in “A League Of Their Own, The Sequel.”

    Man. She has REALLY let herself go. She used to be razor thin.

  6. IMHO, the fat fuck is a major reason King Barky the Liar of Fecal Touch won in 2012. Trump will eviscerate him.

  7. PLEASE!!

    I have to turn on MSNBC when Shep ‘the queer” Smith is covering news like B’more for a more balanced viewpoint

  8. I hope Donald has some good one liners for the fat boy! I hope I don’t have my expectations up too high for this debate. I’m really looking forward to some zingers.

  9. this whole charade of a Kabuki Theater to chose the next ‘leader of the free world’ is such a farce……what we need is a knock-down, drag-out, chair-throwing Cage Match!!!
    …I’d pay-per-view to see Fat Boy get the beat-down of his life ……heck at this point, with all the pajama-boys in the race my money’s on Carly!

  10. So? Shep is a minor footnote on Fox – Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace are scheduled to be the debate moderators

    The stupid is strong today

  11. Anyone who lacks the good sense to avoid being seen in public dressed like that is wholly unfit to lead this country.

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