Chuck Norris: Slamming doors on rural hospital care


While final statistics have yet to be revealed for New Year’s Eve, it is a good bet that they will show a sharp uptick in emergency room visits beginning around midnight. Long before that hour, one regional facility in Madison, Wisconsin reported more people coming in with influenza or from accidents slipping on ice. On the night itself, Dr. Kyle Martin, the medical director at SSM Health’s emergency room, estimated they would likely be about 20% busier than average before the night shift was over.

At Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, New York, emergency medical center physician Dr. Dean Olsen said the number of trauma patients can double or triple compared to a typical night in the emergency room. The bulk of those are likely to be patients involved in motor vehicle accidents or assaults.

That said, New Year’s Eve is hardly the ER’s most dangerous day of the year. That distinction goes to the Fourth of July.

According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of 2000-2018 injury data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, on average, more than 45,000 people visit U.S. hospital emergency rooms for treatment of injuries on July 4 and 5.

Almost every large hospital has an emergency room, and there are an estimated 5,000 or so hospital emergency departments around the country. Many a family’s or an individual’s journey to a hospital begins in the emergency department.

What if your community had no hospital? What if there was no emergency room easily reachable? What if your community had lost such a vital resource?

This is exactly the scenario that is playing out in rural communities across the country. Nearly 20 rural hospitals closed their doors in 2019, more closures than any year in the past decade. This trend is expected to continue. read more

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  1. Wanna bet this is part of Agenda 21.
    Force people to the cities…
    NWO,,ILLUMINATI,, SATAN’S ARMY ain’t play’in Bro.

  2. And don’t forget illegal invaders that use the emergency room for routine doctor’s visits. The hospital in my dad’s small town (the only hospital in about a 35+ mile radius) almost closed a couple of years ago due to over $1 million in bad debt from all the illegals receiving service but never paying (federal law requires that they receive treatment from local facilities but the federal govt. doesn’t pay for the cost, aka “unfunded mandates”). The county raised property taxes to keep the hospital doors open and it is operating at close to “break even” these days.

  3. government intrusion into ‘health care’ (however you define it) is the reason there is less health care for rural areas … due to the crushing burden of regulations they are not economically viable.

    … all according to plan

  4. Emergency rooms are not the only issue. Insurance options and access to specialists in rural areas is almost nonexistent, at least it is in my rural area.

  5. …Rural hospitals do things differently for sure, mostly because of staffing and equipment issues which were always there, but Obamacare made much worse. I was at a hospital in Tenessee not far from the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge tourist areas when I found out that a “Code Silver” meant a helicopter was going to fly a heart patient to a heart hospital, which would be absolutely inconceivable even in the small city area I came from, where all the hospitals had advanced cardiac capabilities and helicopters were for major trauma and GSWs ONLY.

    Some hospitals didn’t even have 24 hour ERs, simply because there was no doctor to staff them.

    They had to buck my father-in-law from Sevier County to Knoxville for an infarct sequale to his chronic cardiomyopathy, not because there were no closer hospitals, but because they couldn’t even offer ACLS, let alone any actual surgeons or anything.

    The tax base away from the tourist traps is not great, and there’s not a lot to attract big, swinging blades, so they go where the universities are, like UT or TNState, and the mountains are left with, basically, part-time Doc in a Box care that’s been shading towards PAs and NPs ever since Obamacare.

    Don’t get nothing worse than a cold outside the cities, or you’re a dead man with a large transportation bill to leave to his children…

  6. According to Sen. Mike Lee H1B visas are the answer!
    Where I live, in a previously rural area, they used to have a program for nurses (and I assume doctors, too) where they would provide scholarships in exchange for agreeing to work a number of years in the local hospitals.

  7. Mike Lee can kiss my homesick ass! The only option I have for an insurance company assigned me a new doctor. An immigrant from South Korea. Probably a fine guy, but we couldn’t understand each other.

  8. Mike Lee and Matt Gaetz deserve a rope. Their still fighting the globalist fight. And honestly Matt Gaetz shocked me last week. I guess he shouldn’t have. This is why I worry about the upcoming impeachment trial.

  9. AMA is the most powerful union on Earth.
    If there’s a shortage of doctors it’s because the AMA practices discrimination and Affirmative Action.
    If there’s a shortage of Emergency Rooms it’s because of their inability to collect fees. Going to the ER cuz you have a cold or the flu is absolutely retarded – and $300 bills would eliminate it. Maryland taxes the fuck out of medical equipment ($10,000/yr per X-ray machine, for instance) so guess what? Yep, the small office doctors got rid of em – what a fukkin surprise!
    Get the gov’t OUT of medicine!
    ALL gov’t!

    Gov’t should do what gov’t does best – fuck things up, kill people, extort money from working stiffs, shit like that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. joe6pak,
    I feel your pain. Took my Mom to a respiratory specialist a year or so before she passed and the second I saw the name I knew what we were in for. Obviously expecting us to genuflect when she entered the exam room was Dr. Can’t pronounce the name. Fully clothed in middle eastern garb, headbag and get this, tattoos all over the neck, hands and upper arms. After 5 minutes or so I ended the appointment as she was completely unintelligible. How she became a Doctor is a mystery but how she ended up at this Hospital group was plain as day. “Diversity Hire”. The receptionist even admitted she couldn’t understand her most of the time as well.


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