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CIA Whistleblower Says He Was Targeted By Brennan, Mueller, Strzok

Daily Caller: When the FBI asked John Kiriakou to meet at the Washington field office in January 2012, the former CIA officer says he gladly agreed to the request.

“Anything for the FBI,” Kiriakou told the FBI agent who contacted him.

Months earlier, as a senior investigator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kiriakou had helped the FBI investigate a Japanese diplomat who had approached him offering a bribe.

Or so he thought.

Instead, Kiriakou says the FBI was running a sting operation against him for what he claims is payback for revealing secrets about the CIA’s waterboarding program.

The government officials behind that investigation have resurfaced in the probe of the Trump campaign, which officially began as an FBI matter on July 31, 2016 and is now overseen by the special counsel’s office.

As the Obama White House’s number 2 official on the National Security Council at the time, John Brennan ordered the Justice Department to charge Kiriakou with espionage, Kiriakou says. As FBI director, Robert Mueller formed a 12-person task force to investigate the 15-year CIA veteran. And as a top counterintelligence official at the FBI’s Washington office, Peter Strzok oversaw the investigation and arrested Kiriakou on Jan. 15, 2012.

“It’s no coincidence that the same people who were implicated in my case are implicated in these attacks against the president,” Kiriakou told The Daily Caller News Foundation.  more

8 Comments on CIA Whistleblower Says He Was Targeted By Brennan, Mueller, Strzok

  1. What role did Frau Spanberger play in this? You know, the lefty commie that bragged about being a former CIA operative that defeated(???) Dave Brat.

  2. The Office of Special Counsel is specifically tasked with protecting government whistleblowers. Obama’s OSC head, Carolyn Lerner, (no relation to Lois…I think) was touted as a great friend to whistleblowers. Not so much, I guess. But Trump’s pick, Henry Kerner, is even less of an advocate for whistleblowers. And he supported LOIS Lerner’s IRS attacks on conservative groups. Nothing will be done to stop the Deepers from targeting whistleblowers as long as Henry Kerner is head of OSC.

    Send him packing now, PDT. I know I keep harping on this guy, but he will either turn up like a bad penny to thwart Trump at some crucial point in the future,or continue to sabotage him behind the scenes by doing the bidding of the Deepers. Guaranteed.

  3. I understand he’s a fat moron with a big mouth and going to work at Sputnik whatever does not help his stupidity, but it sounds to me like the FBI/CIA set up those Gitmo pictures and leaked them just to accuse him.
    Was he worth all that trouble? It would have been simpler to offer him a fake job in Saudi Arabia and then accuse him of spying. I’m sure a Saudi Prince would have played along for some cash. Or some authentic pairs of Levi’s.

  4. This is the problem all along with Mueller and his dopes. They don’t know when to quit. They’ve got some kind of mental defect where they are setting people up and going ridiculously overboard with it to the point of their investigations looking unintentionally hilarious.

  5. Mueller and his team don’t want to quit.
    Kill the golden goose?
    They’re making nice livings off of all of this. And probably garnering some favors from interested parties.


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