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Circus atmosphere as judge sworn in on Quran

American Thinker: 

A week ago Carolyn Walker-Diallo was sworn in as a judge in Brooklyn’s 7th Municipal District. She placed her hand on the Quran and swore to uphold the constitution. Since then, there’s been uproar in certain quarters. And rightfully so. As Pamela Geller reports:

The Koran forbids allegiance to non-Muslim authority, so isn’t this Muslima’s vow worthless? How can she serve two masters at once? In Islam, sharia supersedes all manmade laws. It is the law of Allah.

The Koran dictates that Islam is in a perpetual war against all infidels until a sharia-dominant world is established. Which master will she serve in this conflict?

(Of note, after Diallo was sworn in, a circus-like atmosphere ensued that disrespected the dignity of the courtroom, here.)

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11 Comments on Circus atmosphere as judge sworn in on Quran

  1. What the flying fuck is this happy horse shit???

    We are done as a society.
    We are not going down without a fight.

  2. Here’s how the votes went down in every assembly. No one ran against her.


  3. I’m surprised they didn’t slaughter a wildebeest and cook it in the middle of the room. Really inspires respect for the judiciary.

  4. I thought the oath of office in included phrase *to uphold and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States*

    I believe our fart-face president left that part out as well.

  5. Although I’m as disturbed by this development as anyone else here, I would like to correct one piece of misinformation in the reportage.

    The swearing-in ceremony, despite visual cues that might suggest otherwise, actually did not take place in a courtroom.

    The room, located in Brooklyn Borough Hall on downtown Brooklyn’s Joralemon Street, was a courtroom back in the day when the Appellate Division operated from that building. However, it hasn’t heard a case in decades, as the division outgrew its space in that building and began operating from a brand-new building a few blocks away by 1930.

    I’ve attended many events there. Having a choir or instrumental music is not unusual in that space. Having said that, I do view the Muslim-centric festivities as inappropriate and an obvious in-our-face stab from the Religion of Pieces (as in, head separated from body).

    BTW, the woman administering the oath is Fern Fisher, the chief administrative judge of New York City Civil Court, another useless bureaucrat I could do without.

  6. “The Koran forbids allegiance to non-Muslim authority, so isn’t this Muslima’s vow worthless?”

    Said with the directness and delicacy of a true New Yorker.


    Coulda been Trump…but Pamela got there first.

  7. The video is positively tribal, but not unlike Barry’s hometown where they BBQ rodents and serve rice beer during the ho down.

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