Cleveland Clinic Study Shows No Benefit From Vaccine For Those Who Previously Had COVID, No Need to Vaccinate Those With Antibodies – IOTW Report

Cleveland Clinic Study Shows No Benefit From Vaccine For Those Who Previously Had COVID, No Need to Vaccinate Those With Antibodies


As many people suspected, there is now a study from the Cleveland Clinic showing there is no need to vaccinate anyone who previously recovered from the COVID-19 virus.  The vaccination provides no additional benefit. more here

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  1. Shocking. Common sense validated. EVERYONE does not need to be vaccinated.

    Not only that but it is my understanding that the ‘Not Vaccine’ wasn’t tested on people who previously had Covid. So if you had Covid AND got vaccinated YOU are the research.

  2. Are some doctors so thoroughly corrupted that they would falsify an antibody test – telling you that you don’t have them when you do – so they get the kickback for jacking you up with the vaccine?

    Hey, I’m just asking questions.

  3. Wanna see some weasel wording?

    …I’m up for some surgery Monday and refused the Jab, so I had to get the test instead.

    They refused to say it was “Negative”.

    Just “Not Detected”

    …HERE’S some real confidence building stuff about how much faith THEY have in the test for ya…

    Caution should be exercised when interpreting a result of ‘Not
    Detected’. A result of ‘Not Detected’ does not rule out COVID-19 and
    cannot be used as sole basis for treatment or patient management
    decisions. If COVID-19 is still suspected following a ‘Not Detected’
    result, re-testing should be considered.
    This test is a real-time RT-PCR test intended for the qualitative
    detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2 in upper respiratory
    samples collected from individuals suspected of COVID-19.”
    …so, probably don’t have it, but maybe I do. Its good enough to do slicing and dicing tho, but just in case the doc wants to pump Covid stats more, this gives him the opportunity.

    …I do thank God that the Democrats are trying to make it look like The Pedophile cured COVID right now because they can cycle this test as many times as they need to get the results the politicians desire at any given time. It would have been a mess if they wanted the numbers high right now, so thank the Lord they didn’t.

    But if they can’t even be confident in the TEST, what’s that say about the not-actually-a-vaccine “vaccine”?

    It isn’t about a virus.

    It never WAS.

  4. “It isn’t about a virus. It never WAS.”
    It was never about curing people either. That why they quashed hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and budesonide. It was cheap and effective.
    How many $BILLIONS were made by J&J, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Novavax.
    Not to mention the $BILLIONS made by Hospitals, for slamming people on a respirator.
    But it’s OK because we followed the science, my ass.

  5. Just like masks would stop the spread. To bad they didn’t recommend saran wrap, that would have stopped 100% of the virus. Once you stop breathing,….. no virus.

  6. If you already contracted, and recovered, and still get a vaccine, you’re a special type of moron.

    I’m 52. I didn’t get sick all last year, or this year. Been in several ER’s a bunch of times too in that period.

    My next door neighbor, who has preexisting conditions, took the jab last week, and ended up in the ER via EMT limousine.

    I have zero trust in our system today. ZERO! You ain’t sticking me with that thing.

  7. Bannon’s war room pandemic had a good segment on a German lawyer and his group sewing for crimes against humanity {at the world court}. He had some very interesting info, worth a listen.

  8. It’s never been about curing, it’s about culling. I can’t comprehend the depth of the hate and contempt these elitist assholes have for the American people.

  9. No benefit? How else are you going to be magnetized so the UN can scoop you up with a giant magnet when the war comes.
    You won’t get this if you haven’t seen the videos.

  10. Thanks for reinforcing my conscience, CC.
    As I’ve said before, they jab me against my will, I shoot them in the face.
    We’ll both be acting for the public good.

  11. @grayjohn, it’s not just Americans. It’s humanity. satan is running the show and every government, the “entertainment” industry and msm are all in. Technology has caught up to Bible Prophecy.

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