Clockmed Plans Detour To Mecca Before Meeting Obama – IOTW Report

Clockmed Plans Detour To Mecca Before Meeting Obama

DailyCaller: Ahmed Mohamed, known worldwide as “Clock Boy,” still plans to meet President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. But before he does so, he may go on a detour to Saudi Arabia.

clockmed and mecca

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, Ahmed’s father, says that the family is flying to New York to meet with United Nations dignitaries Wednesday. Then, they hope to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Islamic hajj, if the family can get a visa,  and finally to return to the U.S. to meet with the president.

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29 Comments on Clockmed Plans Detour To Mecca Before Meeting Obama

  1. When I first saw Independance Day in the theater, the audience cheered when the White House blew up.

    Maybe clock boy should consider that….

  2. like cato said .. mebbe theyll send him too islamic
    bomb school & accidently blow his head into red mist
    & small chips of bone ..

  3. I think I’ll have one of my kids take apart a toaster and throw it into a ‘pencil case’ and take it to school.

    She can say she invented it. And she can make a youtube video saying she ‘closed it with a wire so it wouldn’t look suspicious’.

    Maybe 0bama will invite her to the white house.

    Oh, wait, she’s not a greasy middle eastern mutt, not a muzloid, and not a small boy.

  4. Barky had to show who’s boss by making the pope fly in circles waiting for him. Now Clockmed is making Barky wait on allah.

    What’s the matter, Barky? Cool reception from the Clockmed clan? Maybe they feel that your interest in their son is a little indiscreet.

    It is shameful that we have a president whose boycrush makes him look so creepy and ridiculous.

  5. Seeing as it’s a blessing to die in Mecca, maybe someone could arrange it? NSA? CIA? DIA? Anyone untouched by corruption and izlamic infestation?

  6. Send his squirrelly ass to Afgarbagestan where the brave fighters can enjoy him in the name of their Mohammed. (Piles of dog shit be upon him.)

  7. He can go pray to the big black rock (actually a meteorite) and then try to blow up the POTUS with his “clock” after getting C4 from the “peace loving” clerics of Saudia Arabia.

    He won’t get a single virgin because islam is a giant lie.

    I’m quite sure that the dominant language that will be spoken in Hell will be Arabic.

  8. Has anybody heard this kid explain Ohm’s law yet? The simple 3-varible formula that is used for all electronic projects?

    And, as I mentioned on another site, can he give us the color code for resistors, or name the chips he used in the making of the clock he claims to have built, and explain what each one does?

    Ahmed, the shadow of the cranes are the holiest places to stand on a windy day.

    P.S. stop fucking your sister, it’s making her rant something terrible.

  9. Hopefully while he and his family are there at hajj, there will be another stampede to take them all out. Then this young inventor can go from being Clockmed to Clachmed, the Dead Terrorist. He’d be just the right size for Jeff Dunham’s ventriliquist stage act

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