CNN Analyst Caught Creating Fake News

Dan Not long after CNN went apoplectic over one of their reporters being dismissed as a “liberal hack” by Sen. Martha McSally, one of their analysts was caught fabricating quotes out of thin air.

Such was the case of CNN’s Joe Lockhart, who, while reporting on the Senate trial, literally invented a conversation between two Republican senators that he tweeted out to his followers. As of writing, nearly 10k people shared his tweet, and nearly 40k “liked” it.

“Overheard convo between two Republicans Senators who only watch Fox News” began the lie. “‘is this real stuff? I haven’t heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server. If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up shit’s creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence’” Lockhart wrote, quoting two Republican Senators that exist only in his head.

After a number of users pointed out how cartoonish that conversation sounds, Lockhart admitted that he made the whole thing up. read more

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  1. Lockhart? Man, everybody I talk to tells me that dude is a straight up pedo.

    Like, I hear it all the time. That dude is up sh!t creek.

  2. When a liberal lies and gets caught, their lies are not satire. When Schiff was reciting a lie before Congress, that isn’t parody either. And it is clearly inappropriate for news media members to even try to engage in satire in the first place because they ask the general public to believe that they are reporting facts.

    Then again, many liberals are too stupid to realize that The Onion and the Babylon Bee proudly proclaim they engage in satire and claim that the Bee in particular should be banned.

  3. The only thing that’s important is that the Chicoms like it…
    Right Jeffy?
    Let Uncle Xi pull the strings and gimme a thumbs up!
    Atta boy!

  4. Lockhart, as a campaign advisor to Kerry, was involved in the George Bush TANG bullshit, too. He’s a crooked mofo…

    “Joe Lockhart, an advisor to Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, admitted that he spoke with Bush antagonist Bill Burkett at the request of CBS producer Mary Mapes…Republicans raised questions about coordination between the network and the Kerry campaign to undermine Bush’s credibility.”

  5. Even though they’re in every airport it’s a good thing this collection of Assholes doesn’t run the departures and arrivals displays or else everything would be AFU!!

  6. Will make no difference to the network. It’s what they do. They don’t have to generate money for the parent corporation. They can be a ‘loss leader’, it doesn’t matter.

    They are working for a higher purpose. Don’t expect change.

  7. The few who listens to CNN analists for “news” are
    the same ones who watch for the pot to boil while
    the stove is off.

  8. Overheard at CNN:

    JOURNO 1: You know, since Jeff Epstein’s island got closed, my weekends just haven’t been the same.

    JOURNO 2: I know what you mean. No matter how many of Hillary Clinton’s spirit dinners I go to, it’s just not a relaxing weekend. It’s too much politicking, not enough massage.

    JOURNO 1: Yeah. And now that Weinstein’s on trial, you can’t go for plan B either.

    OK, maybe I made up this conversation up, but you know they’re thinking it.


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