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CNN anchors rebuke sore loser Democrats

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Oh no!  The Soros-Podesta-Brock-Hillary crowd have been doing an excellent job of convincing the public that they cannot handle defeat as adults.  Their desperate quest to blame somebody else for their rejection by the voters last month is starting to define the Democrats as sore losers, a perception with roots in the defeat of Al Gore and subsequent recall unpleasantness 16 years ago.

The grown-ups remaining in the party are starting to get concerned by the obvious childishness.  Big donors have spoken in private about the need for self-criticism, but until yesterday the leftist media were playing along with the storyline.

To my shock, it was CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo (scion of a multigenerational Democrat political dynasty, and therefore someone with an eye to the longer-term prospects for the party) who delivered a remarkable public rebuke:

Here is the transcript, via Grabien:

CAMEROTA: “As you know, the electors vote on Monday, and obviously the panel there is of many different minds, some of them conflicting. They’re holding out hope, they’re not holding out hope, maybe there’s divine intervention, maybe something in Washington can be done, they don’t really think anything can be done… I mean, they are still processing.”
CUOMO: “Did you feel the urge to tell them to ‘Shut up, it’s over. Get on with it. Start focusing on something productive?’”


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  1. F**k ’em The more they cry the more they expose themselves as lying, dimwitted shitweasels. Let ’em cry. Let ’em wail. Let ’em gnash teeth. Just stay out of my way or you might get an elbow to the nose.

  2. It’s pretty simple. Their causes can mostly be defunded through congress and executive orders. Stop the student loan program, reform welfare to workfare, stop frauds and abuses in medicare, dismantle and reform government agencies, give powers back to the states, BUILD THE WALL, etc. etc. etc. We must remain vigilant and contact our congressmen when they slack off.

  3. The dogmatic left tried everything in their power, including just going illegally rogue, to eradicate conservatism and the constitution (and they would have been successful with the SCOTUS if Killery had been elected). I say we do everything within our power to squash them like a bug.

  4. The author is wet-dreaming about CNN (and “the grown-ups in the party”).

    CNN is merely desperately grasping at any attempt to maintain credibility in the F.U.Media Era.

  5. The leftists’ sniveling is wonderful. I’m really enjoying their grief, and I’m mocking and ridiculing them at every opportunity. They deserve it.

  6. when I was a teen, my mom explained political parties to me this way.
    Democrats are the children always making a mess ,and Republicans are the parents having to clean up after the children .
    It’s alot easier to be a child , they can play all day. Eventually an adult will come clean up & feed you.

  7. There’s no crying in politics! Suck it up buttercup the people have spoken. They can’t even take their ball and go home because ‘We the People’ have it in SAFE custody.

  8. Rw and B,, your comment is so wrong,, if you really think the people have spoken you havent seen the latest count on the popular vote ( 3 million in favor of Clinton) .. that being said, I do believe in the electoral college and respect the fact that Trump is our next president,. Me being a liberal I only ask from President Trump what you conservatives ask from him ,,, that is for him to, “lock her up!!”, ” build the WALL” and make Mexico pay for it, defeat ISIS “very fast”, bring manufacturing jobs back to the states, all this is what he has promised, I will hold him accountable for everything he promised during his campaign which I hope you will also, do not forget why you voted for him and please hold our new president accountable for all his campaign promises.

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