CNN Defames Pamela Geller to Embarrass John Bolton

American Thinker: [Pamela Geller] -Is there no limit to how low CNN will sink? CNN’s Don Lemon hosted a panel Thursday night featuring leftist turncoat Peter Beinart and “conservative” commentator Ben Ferguson, to discuss incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton’s supposed “anti-Muslim ties.” Beinart was on the warpath, attempting to smear Bolton by association with me, because he wrote the foreword to my 2010 book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, (written with Robert Spencer) and spoke at several of my rallies.

Beinart couldn’t tell the truth, which is that in The Post-American Presidency I accurately exposed Obama’s hatred for Israel, post-American internationalism, opposition to the freedom of speech, and much more — long before they became obvious to the world. So instead, Beinart, calling me “the most notorious anti-Muslim bigot,” lied repeatedly, claiming that in the book I said that Barack Obama was trying to impose Sharia law in the United States, and that Obama was a Muslim.

Neither of those claims is true. I wrote, accurately, that Obama was enabling the spread of Sharia in the U.S. by strong-arming communities into accepting mega-mosques in residential areas and using his Justice Department to fight for special privileges in workplaces and schools. He blamed the First Amendment for what he knew to be an al-Qaeda attack on our consulate in Benghazi, by falsely claiming it was a reaction to a YouTube video criticizing Muhammad. And his FBI had an undercover agent at the free speech event my organization organized in Garland, Texas in 2015, but no team there to stop the jihadis from attacking. (It was local police who stopped a potential massacre.)

In the book, I also detailed the fact that his father and stepfather were both Muslims (and in Islamic law, if your father is Muslim, you are, too), and that he clearly has an affinity for the Islamic faith. But that was all. Beinart had to distort and exaggerate what I said beyond recognition — all in his desperation to smear Bolton by association with me.

Did anyone on that panel actually read my book? Almost certainly not. After Beinart lied brazenly about what the book said, the “conservative” panelist Ben Ferguson said that he would not have advised Bolton to write the foreword. Why not? Why is Ferguson sanctioning and validating the smear job of the kind that the left has carried out on every effective voice for freedom and individual rights this country? That book was prescient. I was right about everything I wrote — the book was an unheeded warning.

Ferguson should have done his homework and have been ready to tell Beinart and the CNN audience what my book actually said, and how leftist smear organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have for years been spreading the lies that Beinart repeated Thursday night. Ferguson could have mentioned how the SPLC is trying to destroy legitimate conservative organizations by lumping them in with the KKK and neo-Nazis as “hate groups,” and that it refuses to classify the violent leftists of Antifa as a “hate group.” But don’t expect a CNN house conservative to know how to fight back hard with the truth in the face of the endless barrage of lies.

The last panelist, Keith Boykin, was even worse, asking why we should highlight Muslim extremism, and why should we even talk about it, since “we have horrible relations with Muslim countries.”  more here

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  1. Pam puts the blame on YHOO’s Jerry Adler. Agreed the LSM are all cousins; but, YAHOO is not CNN. Both have been far left from the “get go”, but in theory different because of ownership.

    Before my “betters” forced the “independent” ISP’s to stop linking to “Atlas” I spent as much time there as I now do here.

  2. Don Lemon would be swinging by the neck from a boom truck because of his lifestyle, if the profit’s (I intentionally misspelled it–piss be upon him) brand of law was followed here. But this is nothing more than an example of the libturd tolerance at its absolute finest.
    Pardon me while I puke.

  3. I really like, and believe Pamela Geller is among the bravest of patriots! I hope she and her family are doing well after being ambushed by that slimeball, worm a couple weeks ago.

  4. Everybody ‘knows’ that Pamela is an anti-Muslim extremist. Why? Because. Because ‘everybody knows’. I have commented before that she is an excellent example in my particular case of someone I thought was ‘probably a bit on the extreme side.’ But guess what – I had never heard a word from her mouth at the time and was basing my knowledge on what I had read about her. I finally listened to her talk for about 6 minutes and was in complete agreement. Here is someone fighting for everyone who has been hurt by Islamic extremism, not by all of Islam but by those who would control or harm anyone who disagrees with them or under the rules of sharia. Whether Islamic extremism means 90% or 1% is irrelevant. That, and hearing later of Fur’s relationship with her, gives me complete confidence in her. But my point is that I had not listened to her original words, and once I did I understood her. Challenge anyone who thinks of some person, public or private, in bad terms to listen to their original words, and if they still disagree ask them to cite the statements that give them cause.

  5. Explains why lamestream media all labeled her a islamaphobe yesterday. Yohoo had it all over the place.

    Keep it up! You are in America!


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