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CNN : It’s a Nothingburger

Even CNN balked at Bragg’s nothingburger, that comes with a reported possible 136 years in prison.

BPR: Former President Donald Trump is facing a whopping 136 years in prison on charges of falsifying business records, despite a wide range of Trump haters, including several CNN contributors, believing that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has grossly overreached.

Take, for instance, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. Even he, a former federal law enforcement officer turned CNN contributor, was left underwhelmed by Bragg’s ostensible case against Trump.

“I if I had to characterize [how I feel about the case], it’s disappointment. I think everyone was hoping we would see more about the direction that they intend to take this prosecution — what is the legal theory that ties that very solid misdemeanor case, 34 counts of misdemeanors, to the intent to conceal another crime, which is what makes it a felony?” he said Tuesday.

“It simply isn’t there. Now, it’s possible that the D.A. has an elaborate and solid theory that’s backed up by a lot of evidence, and he has just decided to conceal that at this point. That would be a strange decision on his part. But nevertheless, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the day, if all of our legal friends read this indictment and don’t see a way to a felony, it’s hard to imagine convincing a jury that they should get there,” he added. more

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  1. From what I’m reading it not a nothing burger unless his attorneys get a change of venue. This is not a prosecution it’s a persecution. Bragg’s wife like to Tweet. She’s Tweeting to expect Trump to be locked up for life. Her husband should shut her up.

  2. Trump doesn’t belong in jail. However several Biden’s, Clinton, Holder, Obama, Kosinigen (sp), Lerner, Fauci, and a raft of other Dem’s do. The only possible exception to some of those going to jail would be facing a firing squad.

  3. Prosecution & persecution both sound user friendly to me. Change of venue not gonna happen, denied. After being convicted for the 136 years he can appeal while he is serving out his sentence. Then of course hopefully that Epstein lights & cameras problem won’t rear it’s ugly head, oops, oh well.


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