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CNN Panics

CNN Panicking that It’s Backfiring, That Mugshot and ‘Martyrdom’ Will Make Trump More Powerful

Red State: How long have Democrats been trying to throw anything up against the wall when it comes to former President Donald Trump, trying to make something stick? They’ve been trying to get him for years, with the ready assistance of the liberal media in the effort. And now that they may have finally gotten an indictment in a turkey of a case, they’re beginning to become concerned that this is already backfiring on them, that what they’ve done may just be making him stronger for 2024 and he may prevail over them.

CNN commentator/Democratic operative David Axelrod urged the authorities not to release Trump’s mugshot because it might make him even more iconic.

“One thing I want to say about how he [Trump] is handled on Tuesday if I were the DA, if I were to advise him, and I’m not a lawyer, I’m a political strategist, but I would give him every courtesy that I could. I would certainly not handcuff him. I think he would love that picture,” Axelrod said. “I would make very sure that that booking photo is not released. He would turn it into t-shirts and turn himself into Che Guevara there as an iconic image.”

Trump might have t-shirts, but he wouldn’t turn himself into a murdering Communist, that’s something that would only appeal to Democrats and other leftists. But, ironically, they’ve been trying to get him for years and now they’re talking about him claiming “martyrdom”? I think he has every right to claim it because he’s been unjustly targeted for years because he poses an obstacle to the Democrats. Imagine them targeting him for years, and then having the gall to act aggrieved that he might call them on it. more here

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  1. We’ll see if they put a gag order on Trump. It’s been surmised that it could keep him from campaigning. Remember, the communists are always many steps ahead of us. To think they haven’t thought through all the various permutations is a mistake.

  2. So, they have chosen to make it imperative to vote for him.

    He could consider ignoring any gag order issued.

    He definitely should be demanding a change of venue.

  3. Speaking of lynching… remember when the insane democRATz tried lynch Clarence Thomas with a pubic hair? Imagine what they’ll try to do to Trump!

    Especially when both times they had that lame-brained, feckless, reckless Jackass Joe in charge!!


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