CO: homeowner robbed at gunpoint may face charges for killing suspect

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FOX: A Colorado homeowner who was tied up and robbed at gunpoint Sunday may face charges for shooting and killing the suspect who was fleeing in a stolen car, Fox 31 reported.

The unidentified homeowner, who managed somehow to untie himself after the robbery, reportedly went outside his home in Littleton and fired shots into the car at the fleeing suspect. The man in the car was reportedly identified as David Martinez, 38, who has a long criminal history of burglary, more

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  1. This country is long past time for a revolution that would eliminate this kind of scum and the liberal scum that protect them. Get us back to where the BAD GUYS actually get punished not the victim.

  2. they are insane

    i was criticized for confronting with a colt .45 2 of our finest at 0230 on a saturday who wanted my car

    they ran, but i would have shot them had they decided to charge me, and i am good with a gun

    the thought process from the leftist pussies is to let them have the car

    next, let them inside to do as they please

    fuck them, go trump

  3. the ‘judicial’ system has told us, at every turn, our property is not ours to defend…much like feudal states, it is up to the government to decide what is yours
    episodes like this re-enforce the notion of the ‘judiciary’ over the people ….. we are no better than serfs that ‘our betters’ thumb their noses at.

  4. Maybe 25 years ago a citizen concealed carrying shot 2 grafiti “artists” dead in LA In the wee hours of the morning. He was charged and acquitted by a jury of his peers. In LA! And don’t forget Bernhad Getz in NY. This guy has a better chance in Littleton. Bring it on, DA!

  5. In NY you have to let the intruder stab you no less than three times, or shoot you twice. You must lose a full pint of blood. You must prove that the perp head butted you and poked you in the thigh with a Bic pen, black ink. Only after all that can you claim to have shot an attacker in self-defense.

  6. There’s a book about that: “In the Gravest Extreme,” written by one of this country’s greatest self-defense experts.

    Killing a guy who is running away is, in fact, murder. Ask the cop in N.C. (?) about that.

  7. In most states, what the homeowner did is a crime. If the perp is in the house, or even leaving the house, then the use of deadly force is probably justified. However, once the perp gets in a vehicle and starts driving away, then there is no reasonable fear of danger to the person, and deadly force cannot be used. It’s a matter of line drawing – at what point does the use of deadly force in self defense become unjustified? This is an argument that has gone on for decades.

    On the bright side, prosecutors are not too keen on charging homeowners with these types of crimes. On the brighter side, there is usually at least one “Uncle Al” on the jury, so jury nullification is pretty frequent in these types of matters.

    As a word of caution, if anyone is ever in the same situation as the homeowner, please lawyer up immediately. Frequently, and particularly where the perpetrator of a crime is the one killed, the prosecutor will probe to find some indication of fear of injury or death – a good lawyer will either get the person to shut up entirely (which may decrease the chance of charges being filed) or emphasize that the homeowner was skeered of his or her life and wasn’t thinking clearly. Again, many prosecutors don’t like these situations, but sometimes the homeowner gives the prosecutor no choice but to file charges.

  8. Here in Texas, your castle is your home, and the homeowner would be within his rights.

    Google “Joe Horn, Pasadena Texas”.

  9. I agree completely.

    But if the thug is DRIVING AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE and you shoot him you are just begging for legal problems I don’t care what state you are in.

  10. He fucked up. Period. No matter how pissed he would be and I’m sure he pegged the Pissed Off Meter, once the criminal is no longer a delay threat, he can’t use deadly force.

    And once the cops showed up, you tell them you feared for your life, give them your name, maybe your DL and that you require medical attention. Then STFU.

    You’re gonna go downtown and you aren’t going to talk your way out of that.

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