Coca-Cola Quietly Deletes Support For BLM – IOTW Report

Coca-Cola Quietly Deletes Support For BLM

WLT: Earlier in the week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Coca-Cola and some other Fortune 500 companies for supporting Black Lives Matter after the organization’s Chicago chapter posted its support for Palestine.

In the deleted tweet, BLM Chicago posted a picture of a paraglider with the text “I stand with Palestine,” referencing the Hamas terrorists who paraglided into an Israeli music festival and murdered hundreds of civilians. more here

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  1. Now finish the job by painting over the murals, street “art”, pull down the statues, and pulling the 501c3 status from the various organizations, all the while investigating them, and thier supporters, for being unregistered foreign agents.

  2. Societal lowlies such as blm et al make pretentious ‘stands’ about one thing or another due to their mega jealousies. As for Coca Cola company—looks like they couldn’t get anymore money out of the blak population by exploiting those people.

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