Collage of Garland Texas Muhammad Art – IOTW Report

Collage of Garland Texas Muhammad Art

I’d forgotten that I had made this for display at Garland, which would only seen by attendees.

This represents most of the submissions, but not all. (Some people submitted dozens, many of which were simply resubmitted versions with edits or tweaks of earlier pieces, requesting that earlier iterations be destroyed. Unfortunately, those submissions were discounted altogether because they were outside of the submission rules and made things really confusing. Some people submitted high resolution PDFs that required downloads and/or file conversions. Unfortunately, these were passed over as well.)


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  1. That’s pretty impressive. I’ll throw it on the monitor later on to get the details to really appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. RELATED: Some of the “propaganda-stream” media, who bothered to report on this in the first place (naturally NOT identifying the terrorists as muzzies), have now started to bury their coverage, as these IS turds have openly declared their affiliation.



  3. Good to see there were lots and lots of pictures submitted.

  4. Some very serious artists represented here.
    I like two especially…the finger-painted one in the dirt on the back of a car/van is very creative.
    And the one (lower left) of Mo sitting behind a bomb with a skull and crossbones (done in pastels I think) is excellent.
    I don’t know how they picked a winner.
    It’s encouraging to find so many “like-minded” people out there who get it.

  5. Scumbag Left already trying to pin the blame on Pam Geller.

  6. Great! Yet…

    If you want to re-shoot it in about eight or ten sections, I would be happy to stitch it together for you into a “super-sized!”

    The small lettering should not die in the .jpg compression!

    Shoot raw if you are up to it, and export each as .png or better yet .tif, and BTW, only you will get the resultant. You should then protect it from downloading, and link to it, off site

    My email is in the submission form below. You can use dropbox or whatever to send.

    B C Aeich

  7. That collage should be made into a U.S. stamp

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