Colorado Voters May Exit From National Popular Vote Compact

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Colorado voters will have an opportunity in 2020 to withdraw their state’s ratification of a plan that will guarantee that the winner of the national popular vote in future presidential elections becomes president of the United States.

The office of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, announced Aug. 29 that opponents of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact filed enough voter signatures to place a referendum on the November 2020 ballot to repeal state legislation implementing the plan. If passed, the measure would reverse the national popular vote enabling legislation that Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, signed March 15 after state lawmakers approved it.

Those seeking repeal of the law gathered almost 229,000 signatures to put the issue on next year’s ballot, well beyond the minimum of 124,000 signatures required, The Hill reported. The last time Colorado voters faced a referendum to repeal legislation approved by the state legislature was 1932, when voters reversed a tax on oleomargarine, according to Griswold.

Organizers seeking the repeal celebrated. more

8 Comments on Colorado Voters May Exit From National Popular Vote Compact

  1. I doubt those popular vote pacts are Constitutional.

    And I’m pretty sure they will only be used if a Republican is involved in losing the “popular vote” with the Democrat somehow getting the electoral votes anyway if they should be the ones to lose the popular vote.

    In any event, since there is no way to verify the popular vote consists only of legitimate votes, it should put every election before the Courts with everyone having standing to sue over it to demand the total and complete verification of every vote as being legitimate in every state involved.

  2. It really doesn’t matter what your politics are. If you live in a state that is not NY, CA, FL, or TX and you support the National Popular Vote Compact to undermine the electoral college, then you’re a complete fucking moron, because it will lead to an executive branch and subsidiary federal bureaucracy that has no reason whatsoever to give a rat’s fucking ass about your state. No wonder stupid ass democrats support it. Typical of progs to not grasp the second order effects of their TDS inspired imbecility.

  3. This was passed by the Colorado Legislature soon after the Democrats gained control of the Senate and the House of Representatives with almost no public input or debate. Governor Polis signed it without any publicity or photography to record his signature. It was never brought up during his campaign for Governor or barely debated during the year before the election. The referendum gained more than enough signatures in record time, and this stealth legislation will probably be repealed in 2020. It will also become a major issue during the election, along with the other liberal policies that Polis is pushing on Colorado. If anything exposes the tyranny of the majority, this illegal National Popular Vote Compact proves the wisdom of the men who wrote the United States Constitution.

  4. what the fuck is going on in our country?
    We will, again, have an election for our President that has one party using ‘super delegates,’ who nominate their candidate as they personally choose, with no obligation to conform to their party’s popular vote. That is apparently accepted, as it is practiced, and just what clinton used against sanders in the last election. Now they want to have electoral college votes no longer bound to the results of the state from which they originate. I don’t think this is really what composes democracy. Comprises, yes.
    The democrat party tried to appear to change as they re-wrote their rules for ‘super delegates,’ who themselves are appointed in the first place. They will no longer use them in the first ballot at their convention, in the attempt to achieve a majority vote. The super delegates will be available for a second vote, however, and they will then be used. With so many candidates running, no one will win a majority on the first ballot, and because of that, it ensures a second vote and that the super delegates maintain their power.

  5. I can only hope that the voters of this beautiful state have enough sanity to repeal the lunacy, despite having elected Polis and Dem majorities to both houses.

    On the bright side, we do typically vote against their policies even though they somehow get elected, so I am hoping.

    Lastly, I will say it slowly so even the left should understand: We are not a democracy. We do not have a national popular vote. We have 50 separate state elections.

    Yes, I know, they don’t care as long as they can rig it so they win.

  6. Someone please explain it to me. Why do my fellow Coloradoans vote for liberal democrats and yet still oppose most liberal ballot initiatives (excluding marijuana and similar, somewhat, libertarian, issues)?
    For example, we do still oppose the state government from raising taxes (TABOR – look it up if you are not aware). Most counties routinely reject local tax rate hikes (leaving Denver and Boulder out, because they are, well, socialist). Most property tax hikes also fail.
    I like to think I am a reasonably intelligent person, though not a genius by any stretch, and I cannot understand the bipolar nature of our election results.


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