Colorado’s “Red Flag” Gun Seizure Law Now In Effect

Bearing Arms: It’s been causing controversy for months in Colorado, and now the state’s “red flag” law, or Extreme Risk Protection Order, is officially in effect. Beginning on January 1st, law enforcement and family members can petition a judge to issue an order requiring the surrender of all legally owned firearms, which, if granted, would require the subject of the order to hand over their firearms to police before they’ve ever had a chance to present their side in court.

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams has said he’ll go to jail rather than enforce the statute, but even sheriffs that haven’t gone that far say there are real problems with the new law, as the Loveland Reporter-Herald recently noted.

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  1. As black pilled as I am, when CO was being invaded in the early and mid 80s by California and Canadian REgressives, I said this is not going to end well. Allow me to submit my nomination for that as the Understatement Of The Last 40 Years.

    I had no fookin’ idea in the span of just a few years, CO Republicans would abandon the best man in the world for their Gov. nominee(Tancredo), would legalize reefer, would require Xcel to have 100% “sustainable” electricity by 2050(yeah good fucking luck), would move to completely eliminate fossil fuel production, would work to nullify TABOR, elect a pole smoker for Gov, see Mike Coffman go from solid to punk, watch Denver elect an out right Communist to CC and see the Mile Hi City get on track to follow right behind San Fran(black REgressive mayors have that effect)…

    Man-O-Man, I could go on & on but when the faaar left Hickenlooper is considered a voice of reason, maybe it’s time to take a step or two back and assess just where in the hell you’re heading. And of course this red flag law is just the latest indication that the Boulder & Denver County REgressives have absolutely no intention of doing anything like that. Remember Magpul? yeah

  2. It is not suicide for one to defend their God given, Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms as stated in our 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, but rather a righteous act of defiance against evil.

    If “law enforcement” chooses to attempt to deny our God given rights and takes it upon themselves to keep us from exercising them, it is nothing short of murder of innocent citizens by our own government. I firmly believe that citizens refusing to obey such unconstitutional orders can have a clear conscience for defending their God given rights from demonic, tyrannical myrmidons mentally enslaved by our current government apparatchiks.

    If America doesn’t fight back now against these garbage state “laws”, all of us in every state will soon be serfs crushed under the boots of evil people that believe themselves to be our moral and intellectual betters.

  3. Most of our troubles come from lazy uninformed voters who don’t do a little research before casting their ballots, that’s when they bother to at all. They finally wake up after they’ve been abused by the criminal office holders for too long.
    Just look at what we’ve gone through nationally before President Trump came to the rescue.

  4. As troubling as Red Flag laws are, conservatives could have a little “fun” with them too.
    Are there clauses about “anonymous whistleblower” in the law?
    Call the po-po and make an anonymous complaint about your nearest DildoCrat politician or bureaucrat. (“burner” phone may be necessary) Then sit back and watch the fun ensue as those in favor of the law are hoisted by their own petard. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  5. Wonder how long it will be before
    some mental disfunction lezbo red flags
    her neighbor and there is a deadly shoot out.
    Just because she was angry you know.

  6. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman,
    Conservatives just aren’t comfortable doing that.
    It’s a form of lying.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Democrats want to take away our guns, all the while comparing Trump to Hitler. I’m not really surprised, just confused…

  8. Out of state carpet bagger politicians keep trying this here in Maine. Along with other society destroying bulloney.
    I look forward to the first case that makes it to the Supreme Court.

  9. I recently moved one of the three most liberal towns in MO to take care of my mom after my father passed. My neighbor on the left (ironic I know) literally has painted their porch posts as rainbows.

    Kid you not, I often wonder if my obvious white masculine gun toting veteran days are numbered due to snowflake flutters from next door.

    Fortunately I’m a known supporter of LEOs so I should have some immunity from red flags, but putting my destiny in the hands of someone’s opinion is a very slippery slope.

  10. After the gun controllers have voted in more gun control/ confiscation/Red Flag laws (that plainly never worked in reducing crime, nor were sincerely intended to work), the next move will likely be the growing efforts at the removal of the Second Amendment.

    Sort of follows the same incremental tune of what has been occurring since the state-by-state establishment of same-sex marriage laws and licenses.

  11. Tim JANUARY 3, 2020 AT 7:02 AM
    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman,
    Conservatives just aren’t comfortable doing that.
    It’s a form of lying.

    izlamo delenda est …

    Sometimes exceptions have to be made…


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