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Coming Around, Coming Around

The more time goes by, the more they come around. We now have doctors, who were regulars on every left wing media outlet, fighting for mandates and lockdowns, now arguing for natural immunity. What? One of the most draconian and authoritarian was the author of this opinion piece today.

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  1. Remember when we didn’t have a vaccine and then suddenly 3 pharma companies at the same time miraculously each invent a vaccine? Then their own bogus internal studies said their vaccines were 95% effective against infection and transmittal? At the same time the media was out there saying, “It’s 100% effective, get vaccinated!!”

    Yea, if that wasn’t a big enough of a red flag, I don’t know what is.

    Meanwhile…. as the “studies” rolled in, we went from.. 100% to
    90% to 80% to 70% to 60% to 50% and it’ll stop transmission and keep you out of the hospital to 40% and it won’t actually stop transmission but it’ll keep you out of the hospital to 30% it won’t actually stop transmission or keep you out of the hospital, but at least you won’t die to 20% and you will likely die the same as a diry unvaxxed person to 10% and, hey, it doesn’t really do any good but it’s more likely to harm you.

    After ALL THAT boosters are still pushed and sheep are still taking them. What kind of benefit are they expecting? I know, they’re expecting boosted profits for big pharma. Not to mention, stupid fucking ridiculous mask wearing, for fuck sake, what a retarded thing to wear. But hey, masks did serve a purpose!! It kept the fear front and center as a constant reminder for the all the sheep… sheep who STILL wear the godforsaken things.

    The only reason the ugly CNN Asian medical “expert” changed her tune was because her kids couldn’t talk right and were slow to learn thanks to lockdowns and masks. If you ever want an Asian to get slapped upside the head with reality just let them know their kids are slow.

  2. IIRC, it came out about 2 years ago that they already had the vaccine and all that needed to be done was to release it into the population. Cut it loose on cruise ships, airlines, and that’s how it spread. Operation Warp Speed – Trump’s doing…millions died while they all lied.

  3. Follow the Science, this time.
    It’s criminal what has happened through the Pharmaceutical Industry and the FDA.
    Fauci will retire with ill-gotten gains, scot free with no penalties or loss of benefits. You know, Like Lois Lerner.

    Welcome to the Federal Government, where you can break multitudes of laws, regulations, even destroy people, families, businesses and walk away with no indictments or prosecution.
    It’s not considered Corruption even when you get caught.


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