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Community Investment? Oh, Please

American Thinker:

In the face of the Baltimore riots, President Obama is reportedly resigned that nothing much can be done to prevent similar events in the future because of Republican opposition to any greater “investment” by the federal government in mainly black inner-city communities.

“Investment”?  What a joke!  An investment is something from which you expect a return, and those communities have about as much chance of paying anyone back anything as Confederate War Bonds do of suddenly maturing at ten percent compound.

These communities are not an “investment”; they’re an expense!  The biggest money hole in the history of the human race.  Since Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty program was enacted, we have spent over fifteen trillion – with a t – on welfare (AFDC and other programs), Food Stamps, WIC stamps, free pre-school, free primary and secondary education, free medical care, free cell phones, Section 8 housing assistance, food pantries, free transportation to the Social Services Office and your medical appointments, free legal services, and I don’t know what else because I haven’t the stomach to look any further.


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  1. The U.N. should just do a monthly “Chamin” drop so they can wipe their ass and their tears….

  2. The reparations are DONE.
    Got it?

    $15 Trillion is $15 Trillion and $1 more than they’re worth.

    Does it ever occur to these maggots and parasites that there ARE exclusively NEGRO countries? But there are NO exclusively Caucasian countries?

    Pack up your shit, pull up your pants – and GO!

    Nobody here wants you, and, certainly, nobody here NEEDS you.

    They’re simply not worth the trouble.

    Never have been. Never will be.

  3. Obama has essentially just told black inner-city thugs to go ahead and rampage.

  4. That is so funny. My Dianny Rant this morning was on just this topic. “Investment” is the code word for “wealth redistribution.” I suspect in the upcoming Presidential campaign we are going to hear a lot about “investing:” investing in education, investing in our future, investing in urban areas. Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit.

  5. As long as the blacks keep chasing those old
    “40 acres and a mule, cause we’re your friends”
    promises the Dems have been making since
    1865, things will just get worse for them.
    The Crats have been replacing them with
    illegals who now outnumber the blacks,
    and that my boys is the end of the ballgame.

  6. We cannot invest in our future until every city and town has bused out middle class “folks” and bused in disadvantaged “folks”.

    Remember that scene in Doctor Zhivago where he comes home from the war to find 10 families living in his house? You will be required to provide a portion of your home to disadvantaged “folks.” The number of “folks” bused to your house will be determined by your assigned community organizer and the number of rooms in your house.

  7. Were this coldhearted capitalism, the losses would be acknowledged and the investment written off as sunk costs. It is past time to let people learn consequences and accountability for their actions.

  8. At it’s peak the city was twice as big population wise as it is now so why not force the city to give back those neighborhoods that don’t want to be associated with the like so scum that it’s infested with now. Any thing north of Northern Parkway should be given back to the county.

  9. We work and they eat. Where have we heard that before? Paging Stalin, paging Lenin.
    We work and they eat, get free housing, utilities, cell phones,medical care, transportation and on and on.

    But wait. Here’s Brother Rose to tell you businesses that provide JOBS, goods and services are not welcome. And stupid, mainly white leftists living in mommy’s basement, eat up this crap. No way do they want any one who can provide jobs, improved living conditions and prosperity in their neighborhoods. That’s what Obammy’s government is supposed to do.
    These people, black white and in between are too damned stupid and lazy to think their way out a paper bag.

  10. “Liberal Democrats have played blacks for over 50 years.Obama is simply their latest front man, brilliantlycovered in a black skin disguise.”

    Saw this quote on Lucianne today. Man I wish I said that.

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