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Confirmed influenza cases hit rock-bottom, puzzling infectious disease experts

Just The News: Even as worries persist over increasing COVID-19 cases in the United States, cases of another virus — influenza — have plummeted relative to their number a year ago. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s FluView influenza tracker lists an influenza-positive test percentage of 0.3% for week 42 of 2020 — a total of 33 positive tests out of 10,809 specimens. That’s down sharply from 2.4% during the same week last year.

Visits to healthcare providers for “influenza-like illnesses” during week 42 were also down this year from the last, though not as sharply: This week that rate was 1.2% of all such visits, while last year it was 1.7%. 

Sharp drops in influenza have also been observed elsewhere throughout the world over the past several months. World Health Organization global flu surveillance shows a severe dropoff in flu cases starting in early April; whereas in past years flu cases are sustained at a steady plateau over the mid-year months — driven by the Southern Hemisphere’s flu season — WHO observation has cases more or less disappearing from April onwards. MORE HERE 

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  1. Perhaps the influenza doesn’t pay as well as the covid does.
    Bet heart attacks & strokes are down too.

  2. I imagine anything vaguely resembling covid is listed as covid, test or no test. Hence, the lower flu numbers.

  3. Gosh, it’s almost like someone with an agenda is manipulating the numbers. But that could t be. It’s weird.

  4. EZPZ. “Res Ipsa Loquitor. (The facts speak for themselves.)”
    Why the surprise from the so called “pro’s”?
    I said this would happen to the Flu months ago and I have no med training other than a many years old FD Aid course.
    The disease vectors such as hand contact and coughing in someone’s face have been minimized like never before.
    The kids are locked away from schools that are one of the main spreaders of the Flu. Many ppl are now washing hands and using sanitizers and surfaces are being sterilized to
    kill any virus. Most large gatherings have been stopped.
    Flu needs ppl to spread and it dies out if that doesen’t happen. Why do we listen to these guys who didn’t have the medical sense to see this as being an obvious result?

  5.’s all a lie.

    …always has been, always will be.

    …yet here we are, still wearing useless face masks, cowering from contact, and not hanging the bastards who are telling the lie STILL…

  6. The other fact is if you look at the raw data referenced in this article they are conducting 1/2 as many flu tests as last year for the time period indicated. My guess is if you go to the doctor now with an ILI you get tested for COVID first. That test takes days to come back so if you get better on your own no flu test ever gets done. If you are still sick, how many go back for a flu test? If you are in worse shape and hospitalized, do they do a flu test at the hospital at all and possibly lose the COVID money? This could easily be addressed by being able to view all the data. But it’s hard to find in the raw form.

    However, what it does show is that if all these precautions work for the flu they obviously don’t work for the coronavirus as those numbers are not going down regardless of the precautions. States with more regulations have higher rates of Covid. It almost like all that mask touching spreads the cold easier than the flu.

  7. My own observations, “Normal” people avoid wearing masks. So I think it’s possible we are reaching a certain level of herd immunity. I’ve also noticed people are using the hand sanitizers. Which I do believe has an impact.

  8. I don’t wear masks. Brigands, freebooters and cut throats wear masks. There is very little about his whole “pandemic” is not a scam.

  9. Ya’ know what I’d like to see?

    I’d like to see a study done on those receiving a flu shot then tested a week or so later for Covid to see if there could be any correlation to positive tests and the flu shot.

    Somehow I suspect/speculate there may be, but I don’t know of any way to either confirm or deny that speculation.

  10. What if the Covid immunity crushes the seasonal flu?…..Which brand of the seasonal flu do we have now?…What if prior immunities for various seasonal flus has a greater influence on Covid?….Is the word influence derived from the seasonal flu?….Why do the birds go on singing, don’t they know it’s the end of the world, it ended when I lost my car keys….

  11. They’re all getting coded as COVID-19 to snag PPP dollars. As is usual when government subsidies are involved, science becomes just another fucking lame racket.

  12. As I have said in several other Blogs.
    C-19 Infections may be claimed to be UP.
    But the CDC’s own Deaths figures has been steadily dropping since back Mid April.

    See: The CDC’s own figures.

    An 2 OLDEST ages groups account for the most deaths.
    Note: The average Age of natural death in the USA is between 75 for Blacks and 79 for Whites.

    It just happens to be the same 2 age groups claimed to have the most C-19 deaths also.
    Ages 75 to 85 = 55,089 deaths
    Ages 85 years and over = 63,864 Deaths

    I guess Age has some Privileges it would rather pass along unused.☺

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