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Conservative Leaders Need a Plan to Kill the Climate Scare Before it Destroys our Nation

CFP: Many conservatives in Canada, either on purpose, or unintentionally, support the unscientific, costly climate scare. Rather than simply tell the truth about climate change, namely that there is no climate emergency and efforts to control the climate will leave us bankrupt, hungry and freezing in the dark for no environmental benefit, the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) brass, and indeed many GOP politicians in the U.S., attempt to finesse the issue so as to expand the tent of voters who may support the party.

Afterall, backroom strategists tell their political bosses, “The polls show that most of the public believe that there is a climate crisis. So we have to have a credible plan to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) to ‘fight climate change.’ There is no alternative if we are to get elected.” more

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  1. Pretty much everyone we’re told is a “conservative leader” is either not conservative or not a leader. The climate cult will to make any official rich if they go along with their global mass murder plans. And, so far, they all seem to be takers.

  2. There is always climate change but humanity has little to nothing to do with it. The naysayers ignore the science that the earth’s climate is controlled by the sun and moon.

  3. Conservative leaders (whomever they are) don’t have the support of their RINO colleagues.
    Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy and now Johnson have shown they are go along, get along, democrat appeasing false leaders of Republican ideals.
    The pressure must be enormous to sell your integrity before the citizens of our Nation.

  4. Before chemists figured out what oil was, it would seep up and pollute fields and water sources. That is what these nitwits want to return to. People unable to use the natural resources, but instead having to live impoverished lives.

  5. The agenda is so friggin obvious.

    If you can fog a mirror, you are the problem. Water vapor is the number one “GHG.”

    But they needed to make it more obvious that you are the problem and tell you the CO2 you emit is a really big problem.

    Ohh, but that might not be scary enough, so they go after things that sustain you like meat and fertilizer that feed you.

    Just for a little icing on the cake: The transportation you use to make the money to sustain your breathing is the culprit.

    Oh, hell, might as well just come out and say it: MAN MADE climate change.

    Throw in some buzzwords: CRISIS, EMERGENCY, CLIMATE BOILING.

    You’re the problem they want to eliminate.

    I’m so sick of them trying to convince us with “science,” that is never grounded in science and tell us that so-called science is settled and not up for debate. If it’s not up for debate it’s not science. And the friggin goons who believe all this nonsense hook line and sinker.

  6. ^^^^^

    Ah, a tiny little poem. Gore is still a sophomore.

    A master of sophistry.

    Why do politicians lie or exaggerate just to get elected? Because most of them are dirty rotten scoundrels. Some exceptions.


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