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Conservative revolt against McCarthy poised to spread to others in GOP establishment

Activists also set sights on RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

JTN: A decade in the making, the conservative-led revolt that thwarted Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid to be Speaker on three consecutive votes Tuesday isn’t likely to stop in the House as those eager to disrupt the GOP’s status quo also have set their sights on Republican Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Some of the 20 House members who helped deprive McCarthy of the Speaker’s gavel on Tuesday said the votes should serve as a wakeup call to GOP leaders everywhere that the party needs to return to its roots of fiscal conservatism after two decades of reckless spending in Washington.

“In our mind, and so many people’s minds, spending is out of control,” Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., told the Just the News, No Noise television show Tuesday night. “[Either] we’ll face it now, or just sit here until we come up with some type of solution and a leader that will fight.”

The votes left the House in limbo, without a Speaker and no clear path yet to solve the deadlock, which has pitted Tea Party and America First conservatives against establishment Republicans. more

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  1. McCarthy shoulda done his homework and lined up his support and handed out consessions before the vote. Horse trading after they’re out of the corral is net to impossible. Now nobody wants a leader that can’t think ahead!


    Accurate, with some good reaction. Hannity is a RINO BITCH.

  3. You probably should be informed about all those Media Types as Seen On TV.

    They got Side-Hustles like you wouldn’t believe.
    Well, after the last 35 Days maybe you would.

    Some of your Favorites . . . are really awful in Life.
    Greedy Too, but very very very quietly under different names
    And CryptoGrift Account Numbers

    AKA BitCoins

  4. Brad for the first time ever I actually feel represented. So far it looks we finally sent someone with some balls, a great improvement already over Mullin. I did something in the general election I said I wouldn’t do, well for one I actually voted because after 2020 I was determined to not vote again, second though is vote for Mullin, the first time I have done so since he ran for Congress the first time. It was hard filling in that little circle and I almost threw up.

    I voted for Breechen like I always do the first time they run with hope, but expecting them to dash that hope real quick.

  5. how about … ‘The 20 Spartans’?
    Roland at the bridge?
    these courageous patriots go down & our Republic is lost

    we need to lionize these people. Jordan caved, Scalis caved. they’re the only one’s standing up for our Constitutional Republic.

    God bless them all.

  6. McCarthy is Mitch McConnell only younger. Do we really want this shit all over again for the next 45 years?

    Hannity can blow it out of his ass.

    I’d like to see Kennedy from Louisiana get the speakership. Talk about opening a can of whoop-ass on the rest of congress if that happened.

  7. I am caustically optimistic.

    That was my new year’s resolution.

    To be caustic when presented optimism that Congress
    will do it’s job.

    Sadly my rep is supporting McCarthy

    Go Scott Perry!!!!

    But it sire is fun to watch!

  8. Something else in regards to Hannity because I wasn’t going to watch and I’ve only made it through 2.5 minutes and can’t watch anymore. He says they only have 20 votes, but those 20 votes represent those of us who sent them there to represent us. The way a Republic is supposed to work.

    I haven’t as of yet seen any Oklahoma conservative group attack Breechen and so far all I’ve seen who have mentioned it are cheering him on and getting pretty pissed at Kern. I’m also seeing a lot of backlash on social media with Kern and very few defending him, where as it’s opposite with Breechen, he’s getting a lot of support with just a few crying like school girls.

    I haven’t though looked at twitter so it might be different there.

  9. Is Crenshaw the Eye Patch one?
    If so . . .
    I learned the hard way that those Mil Vet Charity ads
    The Build a Somethings Commercial videographers
    Yea, those fakes
    They do do a heart tugging bunch of ads like little kids running on hobbled legs and send a Ukrainian Grandma a Box Lunch.

    Remember, these Charitable Orgs have the same values and drive as the CryptoGrifters, same tactics and everything.

    Don’t get played anymore, Peeps.

    Money is the only thing They understand.

  10. I hope they can take down the GOPe. But I UNFORTUNATELY, doubt they can. But I back them. “Death before dishonor” has been a Clan belief for generations. Better to die for something than live for nothing!

  11. Vanity hannity is dead to me… has been for a LONG TIME… I quite watching him and listening to his radio show years ago…

    He’s deep state, and everyone with half a brain knows it… And he’s totally compromised by ALL of the 3 letter agencies… do a little research and see for your self…


  12. Trump endorses McCarthy. Just another example of whose side Trump is on – he isn’t on my side. Now that conservative Republicans know which side Trump is on, anyone think Trump will have the support of the conservatives in 2024? I think not. Trump may become an Independent and split the ticket. That’s how Trump rolls, it’s his last chance and he doesn’t care who gets in his way.

  13. … and Seattle’s two establishment Republican radio stations have their panties all wadded up over this. They represent the Bellevue Boy’s Club and if they are for anything it is The Swamp.

  14. McCarthy represents the swamp. The conservatives who won’t vote for him need to get every single thing they want now, not as promises for later but right now because they all are persona non grata with the 200 swamp republicans. The promise that 5 congresscritters can make the demand for the speaker’s removal is literally stupid. They vote for removal so at 200 to 20 once in the chair he aint going anywhere. It is nice to know who’s who though dispiriting that only ten percent are not swamp creatures… yet.

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