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Constituents Objected to a Councilwoman’s BLM Protest, so She Posted Their Personal Data Online

Breitbart: When constituents complain about their elected representatives’ behaviour, you would think they’d be obliged, as public servants, to listen.


Not so for Alondra Cano, City Councillor for Minneapolis’ 9th ward. When her constituents wrote to complain about her participation in a disruptive Black Lives Matter protest in the city, her response was to reveal their personal details on the Internet.

Cano, along with other Black Lives Matter supporters, took part in an unauthorised protest at Minnesota’s Mall of America on Christmas Eve — one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Police ordered the protesters to disperse and made 13 arrests. Protesters then moved on to Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport, where they caused “significant traffic backups,” according to employees.  more here

SNIP: More details @ KARE11


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    Yes, I knew you can look people up on the Internet and in the phone book. BUT, this was done with the most smarmily malicious intent.

    If I were one of the victims, my attorney would be skipping Christmas dinner today. Instead he’d be poring over books on Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Federal law.

    If he could not find anything to hang her with, then I’d start lobbying for a proposition on the next Minneapolis general election ballot:

    PRPOSED: That communication between elected city officials and their constituents be deemed confidential, and that, furthermore, any breach of this privileged covenant be punishable by immediate expulsion from office and forfeiture of pension benefits.

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