CooCoo for Cocoa – IOTW Report

CooCoo for Cocoa

P.S. Give extra to the kids to make them fall asleep faster!

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  1. Irish whiskey or brandy added in makes the kids sleep deeper or maybe you don’t hear them….There’s some great recipes of knock off Irish creme for half the cost…..That’s a good start for the morning coffee until you can make the bloody mary’s…..

  2. My Grandma was from Italy. When we would visit as kids she would always have a plate full of fresh aniseed cookies (she called them “birds”) and milk waiting for the five of us kids. We would chow down and then go lounge in front of the TV and doze off. Years later I learned that anise oil is a natural sedative and has been used for centuries in Europe to sedate kids.

  3. I noticed on christmas with family that my nieces received something called cocoa balls in their stockings.
    I was kinda curious about them but nobody tried one.

  4. Being the right wing extremist that I’ve been accused of, and being suspicious of guys that are a bit flamboyant in their actions, and liking this guy after just in the last couple weeks seeing him, I thought damn don’t tell he is gay. So against my better judgement I looked him up. I’m happy to report that he appears to be happily married and he and his wife have two sons.

  5. The Chef posted a Thank You Dessert about 11 Hours ago now.

    01-01-2023 1000 AM 26m42s One Million Subs Special

    h.t.t.p.s:// in pen too

    “Margarine is one molecule away from Plastic”

    “The Main Ingredient of a Lemon Sauce is Butter”

    “The More Acid, The More Butter”

    Happy 2023

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