Corporate Media Encourages COVID Slaves to ‘Forget Much of the Pandemic’ – IOTW Report

Corporate Media Encourages COVID Slaves to ‘Forget Much of the Pandemic’


PJMedia: Perusing an ABC thinkpiece about why “we may… try to forget certain memories to protect ourselves from the trauma that we’ve been processing over the last three years”—as if the corporate media wasn’t the main purveyor of that trauma via relentless fearmongering—I was reminded of a similar article from a year ago. MORE HERE

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  1. “Mistakes were made on both sides”
    Yeah, our mistake was allowing YOU to bully US into complying with your tyrannical and nonsensical Coof Care Diktats.
    Forget? YOU (media and coof slaves) may forget, but I will not forget.
    Not remembering the exact quote, but I believe it was RAHeinlein, “A society that forgets its past, has no future”.
    So, FuckOffAndDie all you health tyrants.

  2. Yea it’s time to forget the pandemic and that includes stop thinking about why the media and government hasn’t thought about the origins of COVID because it’s insignificant and irrelevant when orangemanbad is the newthing who has committed 34 felonies that will destroy all life as we know it if he’s not convicted.

  3. The corporatist media were (still are) an essential participant in the propagandizing and delivery of hyperbole, baseless conjecture offered as fact, and outright lies since BEFORE day one of the Wuhan virus tragic farce. Now TPTB want me to forget the unconscionable dishonesty, the incalculable damage, and the evil intent infusing it all?

    May they all suffer intense permanent nerve pain for the rest of their miserable lives.

  4. “How about the corporate media Eat Shit and Bark at the Moon?” -JDHasty

    How about the corporate media’s board members all die in a 9.2 earthquakes? (Yeah, plural. Only God knows what triggers those earthquakes.)

  5. I won’t forget any of the tyranny from the government all the way down to the terrified sheeple who treated me like a leper because I would not comply. I don’t forget “traumas” because it increases my chances of survival when the next thing is inflicted upon us. Forgetting is a big mistake; remembering good results or errors is how we learn to avoid future problems or gain more strength to resist.

  6. I would like to see a growing demand for a list of the ‘suddenly’ injured or dead that were vaccinated and non vaccinated worldwide. Why has that list not started. Get with it Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and others.

  7. I will always remember the blinding rage that consumed me watching a lady being beaten by a security guard because she was sitting completely alone in a stadium watching a game. Or, a surfer being arrested for not masking or distancing or for just being outdoors. This was a period in my life that totally reversed my respect for LEOs, my belief in government as servant of the people, my deference to health authorities, medicine, elections, community, fellow citizens, science, and so much more. I am supposed to forget what they did and what they took from me? What they did is now a part of who I am. There is no forgetting ever.

  8. “”We will have peace,” said America at last thickly and with an effort. Several of the Americans cried out gladly. America held up his hand. “Yes, we will have peace,” he said now in a clear voice, “we will have peace, when you and all your works have perished–and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us. You are a liar, Mediaman, and a corrupter a men’s hearts. You hold out your hand it to me, and I perceive only a finger of the claw of Soros. Cruel and cold! Even if your war on me was just–as it was not, for were you ten times as wise you would have no right to rule me and mine for your own profit as you desired–even so, what will you say of your vaxxine murderes in the Western worl and the children that lie dead there? And they hewed the electoral process’s body during the midterms 2022, after murdering it in 2020 for all of the world to see. When you hang from a gibbet at your window for the sport of your own crows, I will have peace with you and Washington. So much for the house of America. A lesser son of great sires am I, but I do not need to lick your fingers. Turn elsewhither. But I fear your lies have lost their charm.”
    (Apologies to JRR Tolkien, “The Two Towers”)

  9. Don’t get mad … get even.

    Vengeance may belong to The Lord, but we can still dole out retribution.

    The unpunished sinner continues to sin.
    And there is a HUGE difference between a “mistake” and a sin.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Forget radical Muslims attacked the U.S.
    Forget the MSM LIED for the whole Trump presidency “Russia collusion”.
    Forget Americans were thrown off Social media for posting “lies” that were eventually found true.
    Forget Adam Schiff claimed he had indisputable proof against Trump.
    Forget all the protests that destroyed U.S. cities but remember Jan 6.


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