Cortez Calls for Green New Deal to Combat NYC Subway Flooding

Breitbart: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took to Twitter Friday afternoon, renewing calls for the implementation of the Green New Deal amid a national heatwave and severe flooding in New York City.

The lawmaker posted a video, showing severe flooding at the Court Square subway station in New York City.

“This is what the climate crisis is doing, and will do, to American infrastructure,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

“This is why we need a #GreenNewDeal that invests in a solution on the scale of the problem – and can help our nation transition, adjust, and prevent further damage in the climate crisis,” she continued.

16 Comments on Cortez Calls for Green New Deal to Combat NYC Subway Flooding

  1. …you know, we didn’t HAVE heat waves like this BEFORE Ocasio-Cortez was elected.

    I blame HER.

    …the time to act is NOW. Remove Ocasio-Cortez as FAST as possible, by any means necessary, and damn the cost, or another subway tunnel may die…

  2. She should pull her head out of her butt long enough to get reoriented before opening her mouth.

  3. the subways are causing global warming- shut them down!
    just look at the statistics. Before subways, there wasn’t any problem, now there is. Coincidence? I don’t think so!
    Shut down the subways, ride a bike and lets move on to the next problem.

  4. After tireless hours of research, our re-nouned Research and Development Team has arrived at a comprehensive conclusion for solution of the subway problem and its impact on the climate change problem. We offer these critical steps that must be immediately taken:
    1). Stop pissing on the fucking sidewalks. (where do you think it ends up? Please find, attached, Dry Cleaner bills for our Field Techs)
    2). Simply stated- the problem is not one of water going into the subways, but it is a problem of the subways themselves being the source of the water and ultimately climate change itself. Upon proper analysis of the data (now lost), it is a fact that the problem is not climate change causing the subways to flood. Careful interpretation of the data (now lost) has shown that the subways are the source of the water and the ultimate cause of any climate change that may be imagined.
    3). If immediate action is not possible, the water should not be removed. Ice skates can be issued for winter use of the system. This will allow for time for several more gender appropriate studies to be performed. (This is the ‘hell freezes over’ option).
    It is however, our recommendation that the subways should be immediately shut down and filled in. If action is taken during current conditions, a financial benefit may be gained by using the existing water for mixing of the needed concrete.

  5. Could be a schism in the coven. Cortez blames it on global warming, but Omar and Tilapia blame it on the Jews. I don’t know what that other one thinks. She’s just their token African American anyway.

  6. Why does Alexander Ocasio Cortex have bruises around her belly button?

    Because Justice Democrat Socialist beta males are dumb too!!


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