Cotton Slams Coke for Sponsoring China’s ‘Genocide Olympics’


Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) went after a Coca-Cola executive Tuesday afternoon for the company’s hypocritical criticism of Georgia’s election reform bill as it looked the other way on China’s genocidal practices.

“Can you tell me why Coca-Cola doesn’t have a say in whether it sponsors the genocide Olympics next year, but it does have a say in how the state of Georgia runs its election laws?” Cotton said. “So you are spending millions of dollars to sponsor the genocide Olympics, yet you will not opine on any matter about it. Yet you will stick your nose in the Georgia legislature’s election reform laws. Can you explain to me the contrast?” more

7 Comments on Cotton Slams Coke for Sponsoring China’s ‘Genocide Olympics’

  1. Tom Cotton disappeared while the last election was stolen from us so he can kiss the left side of my right cheek too.

  2. somebody- please: make a meme of the coke name with a subscript 2 after the O.
    example: CO2KE

  3. Another reason to stick with BEER!

    Tonight I’m having a HELLES from Caledon Hills Brewing.
    Tiny independent German Family owned from where I go Mountain Bike riding.


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