Could the left have been more wrong when they laughed at Palin and Romney?

This is like the 80’s all over again. Except, we have Obongo at the helm, which means we are fukt.


Costa Rica warns Russia is arming Nicaragua

Costa Rica’s top diplomat voiced alarm Sunday that Nicaragua is boosting its military ties to Russia, in his view to the point of dependency.

“Russia is facilitating the arming of Nicaragua — ships — and they have spoken about buying jets and other weapons. I fear problems are in store,” Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo told La Nacion daily.

The two Central American nations have border disputes before the International Court of Justice.

Castillo said he believed there was cause for concern that Managua’s leftist government “is being armed, and is entering into a relationship of military dependency with Russia.”

Last month, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said his country was “committed to further strengthening and modernizing the army” with the help of any country willing to provide aid.

He did not give details of an agreement between Nicaragua and Russia.

But Russia’s ambassador in Managua had confirmed in March that Moscow is interested in building a military resupply base in Nicaragua.

Russian defense chief Sergei Shoigu has said that Russia is weighing increasing its military presence in countries including Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela — particularly bases to refuel Russian warplanes far from home.


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  1. The real threat of military action from their neighbors is always present in the rich country of Nicaragua and so Daniel Ortega must keep his guard up.

  2. The LEFT knew Romney and Palin were right. They just didn’t care. Because the LEFT hates America at least as much as Latin American communists hate America and they still sympathize with the Soviets.

  3. I can’t wait to hear the “lead from behind” “obama doctrine” response to this news.

    any military action or lack thereof would certainly be couched in a political calculation for his legacy then the midterm=s..

  4. This is a repeat of the Kennedy years. Russia puts itself into South America and the Caribbean, meanwhile, did you see what the First Lady was wearing. Oh, how the president posed for the picture. Image is everything, action means nothing. Blame your predecessor for any faults, perceived or otherwise, control the press, and limit access to what can be asked. As many have said, look a squirrel!

  5. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega

    Wasn’t he voted out? Oh, he WAS! Didn’t he get re-“elected” under questionable voting practices? Oh, he WAS! Socialist Ortega and Socialist Obama. “Elected” via the vote-fraud process.

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