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Cows help Wisconsin cops catch motorist


Holy cow!

A group of brave bovines are being applauded for helping police catch a motorist over a registration violation in rural Wisconsin.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department said it assisted the city of Barron police with a roughly 13-mile pursuit of a Chevy Cavalier about 1 a.m. local time Tuesday.

The car “ran out of steam encountering this moooving blockade,” the department wrote on Facebook, where it published an amusing image of the cattle call. MORE

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  1. These “City Slicker Reporters” just can’t get the terminology right. Every “Farm Person” knows that any more than one cow grouped together is called a “Herd”.

  2. Cowabunga dude! My dad hit a cow once with his 1953 Packard Clipper, it didn’t even dent or hurt that big old heavy Packard. I can’t remember if the cow survived. He also hit and ran over the top of a couple of German Shepherds mating in the middle of the road with that Packard late one night coming back from Coeur d’ Alene on the old highway, the dogs didn’t make it but they died happy.

  3. hotFaceBook told me to log in to view the link to the police page.


    Not gonna do it.

    I deleted my account when they deleted President Trump.

    FaceBook has a market capitalization of about three THOUSAND dollars per U.S. citizen.

    They can rot in woke hell.

  4. “Look at that bunch of cows!”
    “No, herd.”
    “Heard of what?”
    “Herd of cows.”
    “Sure, I’ve heard of cows!”
    “No, cow herd.”
    “What do I care what a cow heard?”
    I’ve got no secrets from a bunch of cows!”


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