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CrazyTown: Biden Takes on Big Pharma

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  1. I couldn’t watch it at all, came here to see the comments. It’s getting more and more difficult to witness the insanity of the Democrats. Their criminal behavior, and disregard for our country and the people in it makes it hard to face the day.

  2. Careful Shitpants, those are the drugs Trump said they would pump into you to get a few hours of energy & coherence before 3 days of recovery in Delaware.

  3. Fast forwarded til I couldn’t take any more.
    Now he claims MAGA people want to let people with preexisting conditions die and he’s been taking on big pharma for decades and he’s declared war on cancer?
    Such big lies all my rant would be too long.
    Then he looked at the balcony and told the people, “don’t jump”.
    Embarrassing seems too soft a word.

  4. Joe Biden the Ku Klux Klan associate, human trafficker of illegals, and child molester is typically full of bs. He and his vulgar family profited MILLIONS of dollars from phake pharma and their peddling of toxic waste “rx medications”.

  5. Big Pharma should cut off his meds. In minutes, he’ll be a drooling imbecile shuffling zombie who’s shit his pants as he gets hit by a bus.

    And that should be his finale:
    a mess of blood, shit, drool, flesh, bile and soft bone that get’s firehosed onto a sunny patch of dirt to be eaten by indiscriminate microbes.

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