Cruz: Dems The Party Of “More Socialism, Pacifism & Weakness, Less Constitution”

Excellent assessment by Senator Cruz about the state of the Democrat party. Keep your eye on him, he’s running a very steady, determined and focused campaign. His deliberate approach continues to pay off.
[Tammy Bruce]

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23 Comments on Cruz: Dems The Party Of “More Socialism, Pacifism & Weakness, Less Constitution”

  1. He is against Illegal immigration an he is a natural born citizen. His mother is an American citizen.

    …and yes, he would be a great potus.

  2. Ted Cruz is the one Republican candidate for president I could wholeheartedly vote for. I could vote for Donald Trump if I have to even though I have some concerns about him. Maybe after barry leaves the presiduncy we need a strong President to take names and kick ass and reverse a lot of obummers disastrous policies, although my vote is still out in this regard, we’ll just have to wait and see. And Ben Carson would make a great Surgeon General or Sec. of Human Services. And my trust is still in God that providentially the next President will be the right one for the times we live in and not more of the same old status quo and establishment type.

  3. Demonrats – the party of:

    old white people who lie for a living
    infestation of rat-people
    corporate cronyism

    come to think of it, the Republicrats believe in the same things, but at “70 mph instead of 100 mph.”

  4. Gee… birther much?

    He was born of an American citizen, thus he is an American citizen. Doesn’t matter where he was born. Doesn’t matter if only one of his parents was an American citizen. Period. Full Stop.

  5. birther? really?

    I would like to think i’m a constitutionalist, but if you want to call me a birther I will accept that name calling with pride.

    how did that last non natural born citizen potus work out for the country?

    I can read and natural born citizen has two citizen parents. not one and has to be born on American soil.

    i like cruz, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

  6. The Republicrats are like the great Hank Snow song Ninety Miles An Hour, going down a dead end road. Instead of a couple of star crossed lovers on the road to destruction against a dead end wall, the GOPEE is just as much headed for destruction and they obviously couldn’t care less.

  7. “natural born citizen has two citizen parents. not one and has to be born on American soil.”

    That is incorrect. A natural born citizen is someone who is a citizen from birth (i.e. not naturalized). Since Cruz was born of an American citizen (his mother), he is an American citizen from birth.

  8. Why on earth would I call you a racist? I have no idea if you are or not. Nor do I care.

    You’re just incorrect in regards to what qualifies as a Natural Born Citizen.

  9. If Carson would just drop out, Cruz would be in 2nd place. Fiorina and Carson are, by design, keeping Cruz in fourth place.

    I don’t like that.

  10. From Wikipedia:

    “The Constitution does not define the phrase natural-born citizen, and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning. The consensus of early 21st-century constitutional and legal scholarship, together with relevant case law, is that “natural born” comprises all people born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, including, generally, those born in the United States, those born to U.S. citizen parents in foreign countries, and those born in other situations meeting the legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.”[

  11. Bill is correct. See my post above. I like Cruz, but he was born in Canada to an immigrant father. But at this point what difference does it make.

  12. Tony R’s and Bill’s assertions that both parents must be American citizens is incorrect. Tony R does cite a Wikipedia article, but if he’d read further down in the same article he would have seen that there is no law that asserts that both parents must be American citizens. In fact, there have already been 6 Presidents that had only one parent who were American citizens: Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Chester A. Arthur, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and Barack Obama.

  13. Hmmmm We usually don’t really know who daddy is, though we could today. I know there are cases where even motherhood was assigned in error.

    Suppose mommy is foreign, and her husband is a citizen. Daddy might not be.

    My point: BO apparently fulfills the birth requirements, but was raised by socialists and anti-US loons.

    We elected a US hating socialist.

  14. Cruz’s polling numbers are very low and have been for some time. I know there’s a lot of time between now and the nominating convention, but….

    And Cruz, despite his incredible job to-date is an insider and has taken a lot of money from the old school money-givers. I’m supporting Trump 100% and the only reservation I have about him is that he may end up with a ‘Rat congress.

  15. U R correct. 0bama had only ONE US citizen parent, assuming that BHO Sr. really WAS his father. He has been assumed to be eligible, so why not Cruz?

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