Cuba fails to compensate for civil aviation victims as required by law


Cuba’s failure to compensate the families of victims of a May 2018 air disaster has come to light in recent press reports.  Irregularities regarding the cause of the incident and persecution by Cuban authorities of international lawyers representing relatives of the deceased have also been reported.

Cuban airlines are some of the worst-ranked in the world for security and service. Cuba Archive has documented at least 18 civil aviation accidents of Cuban airlines since 1959 with a toll of 673 fatalities, including 112 killed May 18, 2018, when a Cubana de Aviación Boeing 737, operated by the Mexican company Global Air, went down near Havana en route to Holguín. That is a very high accident rate compared to the number of flights.

report published by Cuba Archive on June 29, 2018 details the problems of civil aviation in Cuba, including the issue of liability.  Everything seems to indicate that the Cuban State is still not fulfilling its international commitments. more

5 Comments on Cuba fails to compensate for civil aviation victims as required by law

  1. What does work right in a COMMIE COUNTRY ?
    You eat the S*** the government shovels
    and you like it or disappear,like forever…

  2. “…as required by law”
    That’s the great thing about Communist countries:
    Don’t like a law? Poof! It doesn’t exist!

  3. When Che obama thought it a good idea to reopen US/Cuba relations, once again the US bowed to the Castro regime and just like that, US Airlines quietly agreed to bend the rules by not allowing US Air Marshall’s on board, nor any inspectors to screen passengers departing Cuba coming to the US.


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