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Cuomo finally breaks down and admits vaccine injury

Revolver: Brace yourselves for a shocker. Chris Cuomo seems to have had a sudden epiphany and is now spilling some hard truths about the COVID vaccine. It turns out Cuomo, who’s vaccinated, is dealing with vaccine injuries, and that’s prompted him to finally speak up. After years of us shouting it from the rooftops, Cuomo has now joined the ranks of the so-called “conspiracy theorists”—the very folks he once helped demonize during the “pandemic.” more

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  1. Fuck you Cuomo, you worthless piece of shit. If you want to do something useful make a stand in support of the J6 prisoners, some of whom are 1000+ days without a court date. Then, after that, call for an investigation on your piece of shit brother for killing all the nursing home residents! You and your brother should both be hanging from lampposts!

  2. And he wants what for admitting that? Sympathy? Admiration? Medical care?

    Yeah… He can get in line behind the people he guilted into getting the vax who also got injured, and the discharged covid hospital patients his brother crowded into nursing homes and their roommates, and the people who just got the flu or pneumonia and went to the hospital and got pumped full of remdesivir. Oh, wait: they’re all dead… So, that puts Chris Cuomo at the front of the line and now he want what? Sympathy? Admiration? Medical care?

    Yeah… I’m so tired of the lies and the accusations from him and his brother and their colleagues, that I don’t even have the energy to wish righteous justice and karma on them. I just wish they would STFU until they are apologizing or speaking out on behalf on anyone beyond themselves and their little club.

  3. After my first vax, it burned when urinating.
    After the second, it burned when defecating.
    My hair fell out after the 3rd.
    I remained hopeful and religiously took boosters.
    After the 6th booster everything burned and I started losing vision.
    Then subsequent boosters I started losing touch, taste, and smell.
    Now I’m lonely, everyone left me after lashing out in horror.
    The 11th booster I started pissing literal fire.
    I lie awake in bed every night waiting for my next booster,
    I’m hopeful it will fix everything.

    Get your shots guys, it will be much worse without them.

  4. There’s a doctor in a clinic here that was heard extolling the virtues of having 7 boosters like him and how anyone who’s un-vaccinated is a COVID carrier. He’s looks awful, is quite fat – but could still fit in a standard cremation chamber. And he, too, probably has “roid rage.” 🙂

  5. ECP – Sheeeeit… after my 9th booster I could start a fire for burgers just by pissing on the charcoal to get it going! I usually didn’t expose myself unless I had to shower with a relative or count to 21 or intimidate and admin but no one would say anything cuz I’m the Vice Presdidnat – wait Senter – ummm you know the thing.

  6. Bandwagon Budrow. Whatever’s ‘cool’ at the moment is where Cuomo’s at! Is it cool? Cuomo’s there! Kind of like Kamala in a way. Wonder if he sucks for popularity too? Let’s ask the renowned cock sucker Don Lemon!

  7. So, does this mean that there REALLY WAS something wrong with Gavin Loathsome when he spent 12 days in his house without being seen by anyone .. and it wasn’t because his kids demanded that he rest for two weeks.

    Damn, I was sure he was just being a great daddy

  8. So its possible that Justin Beaver’s Bells Palsy was a kind of auto immune reaction to a jab of a totally alien substance never before seen by a human immune system

    Damn, I was certain he was the first 25 year old in medical history to get a case of “super shingles” for no apparent reason


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