Dallas restaurant owner picks fight with NRA using special receipts

BPR: One Dallas restaurant learned the hard way this week why businesses should keep their noses out of politics and just stick to serving their customers.

Ellen’s, a restaurant that serves brunch all day, brought scorn and rebuke to its tables when it injected itself into the ongoing debate between gun control zealots and Second Amendment supporters.

The controversy started Friday when a man in town for the National Rifle Association’s annual convention tweeted a copy of his Ellen’s receipt with the caption, “If I had known we wouldn’t have eaten here.”

Included at the bottom of the receipt was the following political message: “A portion of this week’s proceeds will be donated to organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations.”

His tweet wound up going viral and capturing the attention of the NRA . more

18 Comments on Dallas restaurant owner picks fight with NRA using special receipts

  1. A place that serves a “Big Ol’ Breakfast” should not be anti-gun or Anti-American plus it’s located in Texas? What?

    Whaat a world – I’d had to throw up my breakfast right there.

  2. @Hans the Christian who Loves Trump and America May 7, 2018 at 11:08 am

    > I’d had to throw up my breakfast right there.

    Remember to hand the cashier the receipt marked “Propaganda refused” before leaving.

  3. His business model is to virtue-signal and attempt to discomfort legion of potential customers during a busy week and then like a crawfish back into a course-correction? Nope. Try again.

  4. The restaurant owner is a liar. In the article I read a few days ago, he accused NRA members of making racist remarks in his restaurant. I am glad this leftist loon came out in the open. Let’s see how his greasy spoon shithole fares now.

  5. Like I mentioned once before, Dallas/FW and Houston are right behind Austin when it comes to Lib infestation. It’s enough to make a cowpoke puke.

  6. Interesting that any business would openly pander to such a small segment of possible patrons and not think it will bite them on the ass.

  7. What’s even a bigger laugh is a lefty lying about giving a portion of their proceeds to anyone. It’ll go straight into the owner’s pocket.

  8. Lefty loons gather in the cities for they know they will get their asses pummeled in the real world.

  9. I watched th video in the link provided. My impression: That restaurant owner was sportin’ quite the cock duster there on his upper lip.

    Other than that it was same old, same old. Some cuck picks a fight with the NRA and then goes all squishy when he finds out that he just shot in his own mess kit.

  10. “dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations”

    that’s an easy one, don’t sell guns to democrats !

  11. Circle the bullshit on the receipt and leave a penny in the circle for a tip. If necessary ask for a duplicate receipt first if you need one for expense purposes. It’s too late now but you can bet that sort of harassment will happen again, someplace else and this is a good way to make a point.

  12. scr_north had the same idea I had. Stiff the waitstaff, tell them why, and let them get mad at the boss.

  13. I didn’t eat there, but if the geniuses who work there had taken the time to talk to them thar rednecks, they would’ve talked to some of the nicest, friendliest people on the planet. Sad, really.


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