David Horowitz calls Biden a ‘lifelong White Supremacist’

Keep in mind, when Horowitz says, “Republican” he’s not talking about Conservatives. He’s talking about RINOs.

David Horowitz joined ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ to discuss how Democrat policies have adversely impacted minority communities.

7 Comments on David Horowitz calls Biden a ‘lifelong White Supremacist’

  1. I’m always very glad when Horowitz gets mainstream air time because he cuts straight to the heart of the matter every time.

  2. After all, it was Biden who led the high-tech lynching of Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court nomination hearings.

  3. Hey @AA – because he was one of them?

    Meaning…Oh…he knows them…

    I really enjoy hearing him on Prager…for instance.

    So solid.

  4. @ghost – Among his most recent books are “Dark Agenda” and “Persecution” — both about the Left’s war on Christians. You can see his talks about them on CSPAN’s Book TV. As he’s becoming older (and older), I do believe he will eventually go public with his full-blown conversion to Christianity. I know Metaxes has been working on him!

  5. Hey AA – I have not listened to Metaxes in awhile…

    I need to go back and do that…

    Thanks for the reminder.

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